• Weeklys Dec. 11th - 17th

    18 Dec 2006, 15:59 by Levi0522


    Immortal Technique:

    I've been meaning to download some of his stuff for a long time and recently got around to getting a few songs last week. A rare thing happened...I liked every song. Usually when I start listening to a new artists I have to go through a few songs before I find one that I like. Amazing artist, best political rapper. Love this type of shit. Anyone got any recommendations for me, holla at me. Anything by him I'll listen to.

    Lil Wyte:

    My second favorite white rapper. Most people don't like this guy cause his subject matter is mostly all about drugs and killing...ya know the typical gangsta rap. I dunno though its something different about Lil Wyte though, he's really good and has a pretty good flow. I don't agree with most of the things he raps about, but his style of rapping makes me likes his music. The beats he uses in his songs are pretty good too. Like one song "My Smokin Song" is one of my favorites and I don't even smoke weed. …