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  1. Vallquar is a visual kei band formed by 3 ex-Madieduor members in March 2009.

    Vocal: ひかり-Hikari- (Dual:Ark → ダヴィル → Madieduor → Vallquar)…

  2. ヴァルナ (Valluna) was a visual kei band from Japan formed in April 2009 and disbanded in November 2010.

    Vocal: yo-ka
    (Icy. → メガマソローディ →…

  3. 針槐-ハリエンジュ- (Halienju) is a visual kei band that formed in 2007.

    Vo. 吐 (Habaki)
    Gt. 楽 (Gaku) (ex. Sics(as gaku), 焔(as 楽), 異ロリ, ハイロック,…

  4. DEPAIN is a japanese Indies Visual Kei band, formed in 2009.


    Vo. 龍華 (Ryuka)(ex. uNruSt)
    Gu. 猛 (Takeru)(ex. Medue'obscur (support) →…

  5. -dist- is a rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed at 2009/09/17. They changed their name to ロットン until their eventual break up in February, 2013.…

  6. llll-Ligro- is a visual kei band from Japan, formed in 2010/12/19.

    Vo. ヒナタ (Hinata)
    Gt. kazari

    Ba. tatsuki Virulent]


  7. メメント・モリ (Memento Mori) is a visual kei band from Japan that started their activities as a session band called 3ヶ月限定継続セッションバンドジグソー…

  8. Vocal: 幻鬼 (Genki)
    Guitar: 帝 (Mikado)
    Guitar: マチ (Machi)
    Bass: raL
    Drums: 朋夜 (Tomoya)

    Guitar: ゆとり (Yutori)


  9. OHP:

    Vocal - Raya
    Drums - Be…S

    Left in October 2011:
    Guitar - XiN

  10. Since1889 were a metal band from Niigata, Japan that was formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2009.

    Last Lineup
    Vocal: 菅原広太(Sugahara Kouta) (かるあ(as…

  11. MiD DERACINE is a visual kei band from Tōhoku region, Japan formed in 2009/05. They will disband after their live at 2012/07/25 due to department…

  12. Previously called D'LORE before July 2010, after their Vo. 悠(Yuu) and Ba. 聖(kiyoshi) departed. They are currently signed with Farcical Court…

  13. SOMATIC GUARDIAN is a visual kei band from Japan formed in 2006.

    Vocal: 咲季-Saki-
    Guitar: たすけ-Tasuke-
    Bass: RYO…

  14. Para:noir was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan; formed in early 2009. The band's musical concept is "nihilism".

    Para:noir released their first…

  15. LOGiQ is a Japanese Visual Kei group activities from December 2007 , sadly they were pause their activity from the end of 2009 until earlier 2010 ,…

  16. Gakido is Japanese band formed in 2008 for Yura (Ex- Ghost), the band consist in simple songs and different genres musical mainly in electronic…

  17. E'm~grief~ is a visual kei band signed to Under Code Production, formed in May 2008. While not the most prolific band to join UCP, having only…

  18. There are more than one Perestroika/PERESTROIKA.

    1. PERESTROIKA is a Japanese visual kei band formed on September 23, 2010 and signed with UNDER…

  19. Formed in 2009 by former Phantasmagoria guitarists JUN and 伊織 (Iori), Spiv States play cheerful rock and pop rock with some flavor from the 90's…


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