• My Top 5 Horrorcore Albums

    4 Jul 2010, 11:56 by airborneextreme

    Ok, a few things first...

    1) I am fairly lenient on what i consider "". Acid Rap, Death Rap, Wicked Shit, whatever you call it, I lump it all together as "Horrorcore".

    2) I don't claim to know every Horrorcore album ever made. This list will be my personal favorites from those I have heard.

    3) Any album from any artist who, at least occasionally, falls into the Horrorcore genre (see #1) is eligible, even if it's not an entirely "Horrorcore" album.

    4) This is MY list. I would love to hear your opinions, but telling me that I am wrong is pointless. MAKE YOUR OWN LIST if you disagree so strongly!

    Here we go!

    5) K.O.D. by Tech N9ne
    This is probably the hardest to justify being on this list. Maybe this isn't the most Horrorcore of albums, but "Blacken the Sun" is the epitome of Horrorcore! And it definitely has a darker vibe than most of Tech's albums...

    4) Tales from the Lotus Pod (Marz version) by Dark Lotus