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  • Avatar for jrs1991
    Great Band
  • Avatar for DjsMix74
    Pure 80's!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Avatar for jonowev
    [artist]Napalm Death[/artist]
  • Avatar for dAniel_brit
    Love Plus One ♥
  • Avatar for Echoes917
    I finally found Pelican West on vinyl today! So good.
  • Avatar for trad-goth
    Pelican west is one of there finest albums i spin it alot on record :)
  • Avatar for Lyrradsemaj
    Pelican West is seriously amazing. It's original in it's own way but also sounds like a lost great XTC album on some songs.
  • Avatar for makhnoboy
    Someone told me (on youtube) that the boys have recently played together agin. Does anyone know if there's any other gigs planned? Thanks, Paul.
  • Avatar for BuggleGlasses
    Pelican West was one of the greatest albums ever conceived..Nick and the others made a real gem.
  • Avatar for LikeACarillon
    I can't express how much I genuinely LOVE & appreciate the Pelican West album.
  • Avatar for Gumbo77
    I love Haircut 100 ♥ [3]
  • Avatar for Exalted
    I love Haircut 100 ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for electroscream
    I love Haircut 100 ♥
  • Avatar for dschr
    Reminds me of driving in my Triumph in summer time. I can even smell the summer.
  • Avatar for luckyrio21
    on the beach with a fruity drink music!!!!!Love Nick Heyward's face when he sings!
  • Avatar for epi_gee
    great band... need to hear more tracks, i only own 3. EPG
  • Avatar for thissisjon
    a poor substitute for music
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
    saw them at uea,norwich in 1982,bought the lp tour program and badge.
  • Avatar for freddtedd
    Such a great album.
  • Avatar for dancenomore
    I wached them in Crawley in 19......something! They still seem to have the feel good factor about there music.
  • Avatar for Katrosette
    Just brings back soooo many great memories. Loved them then ... love them now. I am so old. ;-)
  • Avatar for mosuri
    long not heard, good song
  • Avatar for EnneDue45
    this band is amazing..oh my god, ther´re so tight & groovy..can´t get enough of them!!
  • Avatar for morphoeugenia
    I have a huge crush on nick :)
  • Avatar for CaptnRhodes
    Brilliant group did anyone see the VH1 programme where they reunited them? it was presented by that Justin guy who does the Sunday Night Project.
  • Avatar for TacoSushi
    We wore this record out in college - early '80's
  • Avatar for MacTonight
    Both albums they put out were awesome in my opinion.
  • Avatar for BobbieWest
    the only great thing about this band was it was the right of passage for nick heyward, brother of justin of the moody blues.
  • Avatar for flashbleu
    Music for gays? Nah! Gays listen to Abba and Madonna. Closet gays listen to Metallica and Korn. It's music for silly old sods like me who should have grown out of it. It's almost asexual.
  • Avatar for Audio-drug
    Boys meets giiiiiiiirl wouchuchu
  • Avatar for jjuckel
    Your favourite shirt is on the bed Do a somersault on ya head
  • Avatar for PleasureVictim1
    Says the man who has played Madonna 495 times. Should i slap you now or later?
  • Avatar for SpaceChief
    I hate to say it but it sounds like music for gays.
  • Avatar for DanAbnrml9
    It sure does seem like Vampire Weekend is the second coming of Haircut 100, doesn't it?
  • Avatar for SafetyCoffin
    Neato Toledo!
  • Avatar for MacTonight
    WOW I just got Paint and Paint. Incredible album.
  • Avatar for Magic_Alex
    anybody who doesn't like favourite shirts or love plus 1 isn't my friend
  • Avatar for treveera
    seriously good.
  • Avatar for goo_goo_muck
    it's really fun!
  • Avatar for candysugardandy

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