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  • Avatar for Munkyhead01
    lol. who cares [3]
  • Avatar for NargaCuuga
    lol. who cares [2]
  • Avatar for Lethargicus
    Great band. Hopefully there'll be some new stuff out next year.
  • Avatar for Deroth-Rus-
    lol. not black metal [2]
  • Avatar for Deroth-Rus-
    prog/psy-art.. em.. e... black rock?) Cool band, creative
  • Avatar for Rivacks
    Que banda psicodélicamente linda! {2}
  • Avatar for WillFerreira
    Que banda psicodélicamente linda!
  • Avatar for Promonex
    lol. who cares
  • Avatar for mikenike925
    lol. not black metal
  • Avatar for MasterStryke
    totally keeping it up. hail!
  • Avatar for fallofseraph
  • Avatar for Wichssocke
    soso good <3
  • Avatar for OctavioJP
  • Avatar for GalacticKiller
    Oi Magoi!
  • Avatar for Eshuei
    New albums definitely a year favorite thus far. Now to see how well it holds up against the legions of awesome shit yet to come this year
  • Avatar for Zigamorph
    Very fun to hear. Can't stop hearing both albums.
  • Avatar for Obzedat
    The new Album is excellent.
  • Avatar for K-------
    God: this is fücking awe, all the fucking brilliant album... but for now: SATAN IS TIME, SATAN IS TIME, SATAN SATAN! {2}
  • Avatar for EpicSceptic
    If you are chuckling in awe, then sure, you're at least doing something right.
  • Avatar for WeAreLions
    I chuckle occasionally when I listen to Oi Magoi. Am I doing it right?
  • Avatar for EpicSceptic
    Listen to this at least 6 times before dismissing it or calling it worse than the debut or whatever else negative you have to say.
  • Avatar for cfvk
  • Avatar for Harmonia-Mundi
    At first, I was disappointed by the new album. However, I have listened to it more and more and it has grown on me a lot! Now I think it is almost on equal grounds with Pneuma. The Mermaid, Hunters and Blood Guru are the main standouts for me.
  • Avatar for crowkiller_
    Greetings from Turkey, You are a great band
  • Avatar for parys_pl
    I like the new one more, although the first wasn't bad. The second is way more accesible and less chaotic, sounds mature. Of course I could complain about the rather plastic production, but who cares? :)
  • Avatar for cfvk
    i'm also in the opinion the new album is way better(for me anyway) , i've listened to it more already than the first album.
  • Avatar for FatcapVandal
    Interesting mix of styles. I like it
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    Love the new album! Like it a bit more than the debut for sure.
  • Avatar for halleluaj
    after some more listens I realised that new one is better than the debut. It is again a masterpiece
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
    Not a big fan of the new album :( . Pneuma is 100 times better!!!!
  • Avatar for Mernoc
    Strange, weird, interesting, great new album!
  • Avatar for Kamaru-chan
    I don't know, I think I kind of liked the debut better. Then again, I gave the new one only one listen so far, so probably it'll grow on me :D
  • Avatar for AlexD_D
    The new album is good but some tracks are kinda dense, it gets boring sometimes... Hunters my fav song.
  • Avatar for Dustspell
    And for sure they'll be on the top for this year!
  • Avatar for Dustspell
    With these guys I'm a "Demon For a Day" :D
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
    Masterpiece, again :D
  • Avatar for cfvk
    i think i like transcending bizarre more, but this is definitely interesting.
  • Avatar for Aghorist
    Eagerly waiting for the new album.
  • Avatar for KOEP6
    Smells like dry sore
  • Avatar for Nightya
    New song
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
    great band
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
    Totally digging these guys. All the tracks on Pneuma are awesome!
  • Avatar for fiskmys
    Pneuma has some amazing tracks, but I wish the production had a bit more punch to it. I'm fine with the understated retro feel, but I kind of feel that it is ever so slightly too quiet and laid back. It takes the edge out of some of the songs.
  • Avatar for technicalfercho
    These guys are fucking crazy o_o
  • Avatar for Panzerfaust
  • Avatar for shermik
    Black 'n' Roll
  • Avatar for Zerashkulina
    They are so EVULZ! But seriously, this is freakin' awesome.
  • Avatar for ShamrockFox
    keeping it fresh
  • Avatar for dragonuts
    Is it better than Nachtmystium?
  • Avatar for quantumman
    It's like Gentle Giant, but things are getting a lot blacker!


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