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1) HADAR - is an industrial, dark ambient and neofolk musical project run by Natasha who has also her own label "Iron Wall Records". She has also recorded some song more electronic / EBM oriented but any album in this genre.

2) HADAR - banda Uruguaya de Metal. Con casi dos años de trayectoria Hadar ha logrado posicionarse en la escena Metal local como una de las revelaciones del año. Compartiendo cartel con bandas como: Crepar, Cuchilla Grande, Sigma y Almafuerte de Argentina han cultivado un importante grupo de seguidores, a pesar de todavía no tener disco a la venta. Sus cuatro integrantes se destacan particularmente en sus instrumentos, logrando un sonido muy acabado. Se pueden encontrar raíces en Iron Maiden, Helloween y Judas Priest y su estilo oscila entre el Hard Rock el Heavy y el Power Metal.

3) HADAR - London based Israeli singer-songwriter; Hadar Manor is an Israeli singer-songwriter who came to Britain in 2001. Her MySpace page tells us that: "She grew up in a little village by the Judas mountains. Her Transylvanian mother insists that gypsies left her on the door step when she was a baby, wrapped in newspaper with the date of June 21st and ever since, that's her official birthday. At 16 she went travelling with a bunch of hippies, who gave her a guitar in exchange for a smile and she started busking with them. When they arrived in Amsterdam, Hadar stopped for a lil' drink and a puff, told the guys she'll meet them in an hour but the air was sweet and the beer was bitter so she stayed for a year. One day, while singing Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee" a handsome man with a patch on his left eye approached her with beautiful stories about London and pavements of gold and tea parties. Hadar followed him to arrive at the rock in the middle of the north sea. Later on she learned never to believe a man with a patch on his left eye. Saying that, London treated Hadar well, and instead of golden pavements, busking down the tunnels of underground were a sufficient replacement." We will be hearing much, much more from Hadar in 2009.


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