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Work (Work, Work)

Work (Work, Work)



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  • This album is my top overall here on last.fm and I would definitely rated this ten out of ten. It's the most perfect album in the last few years because after a while of listening to it, you really get into a groove with it well, I do. I don't know about other people or listeners but it affects me like no other record in recent memory. Opening track with phone call voice is such great intro, amazing beginning then you move into the rest of the album, next few tracks are unbelievable beautiful and just keeps all slowly building without you even noticing until the climax of the final trilogy of tracks. Jonnine Standish never sounds so great and sexy with her vocals and with now only Nigel Yang making it a duo, both original member Sean Stewart and producer-mentor Rowland S. Howard passing away in the time leading up to releasing this record it must have been difficultly time making it and to continue despite the loss. You need to take it as a whole work as album are/should be listen too.
  • rating 7.5/10
  • Way better than previous albums.
  • The correct release date is 12 September 2011.
  • yay, finally!
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  • can't wait listen it!!!!

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