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GYVATA unites young people, who love and cherish old Lithuanian traditions.
The band‘s name, which means “Life”, was chosen after the writings of the Lithuanian philosopher Vydūnas:

“The Life of a nation is a living mental world. It has to become richer, more important, it has to act in humanity and the whole world. The talk here is about culture, about language, language’s richness, about the nation’s people’s customs and ways, about their spiritual manifestations, about humanity’s mark in the circle of a nation’s life.”
"The Life of a nation is a world for itself. It is an individual circle of life. It is not made by somebody, although people’s wishes do play an important role, and it seems that sometimes it could be going in other ways than it is. Just let’s remember how people choose their friend for life. But, overall, in the Life of a nation one can notice the nature’s direct forces of creation.”
"Languages are the songs, the hymns of nations. And only with a language can a nation’s Life survive. And as languages carry their signs with them, so do the riches of every language, that is, songs, proverbs, sayings, tales, fairy-tales, stories, etc. All that shows the most important features of a nation, that is, how it looks to the rest of the world, how it understands that world and life overall.”

The band was formed at the beginning of 2009 as a youth folk music club led by the famous Lithuanian alternative composer Donis. After a slow start, Gyvata first performed at a local university‘s talent night with their song „Dolijuta“. In summer of 2010 the band played in their first festival „Tek saulužė ant maračių“ in Nida (Lithuania), then quickly gained momentum and started participating in various other events, the „crown“ of which could be the annual festival of Baltic culture „Mėnuo juodaragis“ and the modern folk festival „Suklegos“. At the end of 2010 a split album with Belorussian dark-ambient group Pragnavit was released in Belarus and dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Grunwald battle.

The year of 2011 began with even more concerts, new members and new songs, which were compiled into Gyvata‘s first full album „Su vėjužiu kalbėjau“ („I talked with the wind“). The album was successfully presented in 2012 and by the end of 2013 its edition is quickly melting. The year of 2013 began with a renewed lineup and new songs, it was also the first time for Gyvata to play abroad, at the festival „Noc Besov“ in Slovakia.

Currently Gyvata is preparing to record their new songs.

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