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  • Avatar for littlechuckiec
    NEED a new album!
  • Avatar for Pat_picturesque
    Yo, someone wanna hook me up with their early EPs?
  • Avatar for Grikonen
    Well hello there.
  • Avatar for vidalimp
    Just discovered. They are awesome!
  • Avatar for sids20
    Australia FTW!!!!!!
  • Avatar for shishkebabz
    Perth and Melbourne have the best bands.
  • Avatar for mhmdct
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  • Avatar for TheCreatedVoid1
    Disgustingly under-rated [2]
  • Avatar for da_reka
    that nirvana cover needed to go longer... awesome as shit though!
  • Avatar for ChrisFallout
    Disgustingly under-rated. Love this band. Petition to make Australia the national anthem.
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    Fucking insane at big day out. Did not see the nirvana cover coming, awesome shit.
  • Avatar for markpcronin
    gyroscope you were off your tits at big day out! it was awesome, and your cover of breed was sick!! :D [2]
  • Avatar for BeNgEE4
    really underrated band!
  • Avatar for Tompac5
    gyroscope you were off your tits at big day out! it was awesome, and your cover of breed was sick!! :D
  • Avatar for DwayneyBoi
    What is this shit? Doctor Doctor the only top track from sss? what a joke. SSS and are you involved? are so far in front of the watered down poppy cohesions. Driving for the storm, safe forever, take this for granted??
  • Avatar for Dylbear
  • Avatar for sambosonoframbo
    they deserve more attention then this. there last album was average though, nothing really alternative about it.
  • Avatar for ChrisFallout
    Insulting how many plays they have :( They need more airtime on the radio and not just triple J
  • Avatar for enormohead
    don't u know who i am
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    WDIKAP? video wins. Best vid they've made :)
  • Avatar for karakryptonite
    Not bad. Didn't like Cohesion much when I first listened to it. I like it more now, although Are you Involved? is still there best album! ily FAST GIRL <3
  • Avatar for pafj
    Some Of The Places I Know
  • Avatar for GlamFool
    how good is there cover of beds are burning during fast girl! saw it on one night stand triple j tv thing, fuckin amazing!
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    SSS>Cohesin>AYI>Breed Obsession. But all albums are good, yes, even BO is better than most people think it is. "Snakeskin" "OK" and "Weapon.Enemy.Friend." are some of Gyro's best.
  • Avatar for Juziu
    and I swagger with style :D
  • Avatar for XGleekX
  • Avatar for AomHeartSlasher
    Baby, I'm Gettin' Better is my fav :)
  • Avatar for Wipqozn
    I do, I only just got into them though. Cohesion was the first Gyro album I heard. Good to hear others think that. I love it!
  • Avatar for Pat_picturesque
    I love Cohesion even more than I love Sound shattering Sound. Anyone else think that Cohesion is their best album?
  • Avatar for westriot
    @graciepoo not a fan of violent soho; more of a fan of violent sex
  • Avatar for Wipqozn
    Enjoyed friday night, wished I got in the mosh though! Come back to Melbourne soon
  • Avatar for TheVictoryRose
    Daniel Sanders needs to eat a sandwhich or something, seriously.
  • Avatar for kiac
    Working With Wood is one of their best songs. Fantastic.
  • Avatar for graciepoo
    Hey guys, are you a fan of Violent Soho too? If so, I found this really cool contest! You can win a Custom Skate Deck and a Signed Limited Edition 7" from Violent Soho - really cool! You can enter to win here:
  • Avatar for SethosX
    the more i listen to cohesion, the more i like it...
  • Avatar for Pryde
    Please [url=]vote[/url] for your favorite artists to get them promoted in The Australian and N.Z. Rock Artists League!!!
  • Avatar for rozzav88
    New album from first listen is better then Breed Obsession. but still not as good as Are you involved?
  • Avatar for Kieran0411
    AYI? is one of my fave albums but Breed Obsession killed gyroscope for me, i havent listened to them since. Cohesion is a return to form, and so i decided to give Breed obsession another really is a terrible, terrible album. i'm really glad they pulled it back together.
  • Avatar for GlamFool
    should be so much bigger
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    In case someone doesn't know, you can listen to the album on MySpace, which means you can stream it too.
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    Of course they'll never top SSS, but the new song is still really good.
  • Avatar for Mik_83
    That new song is fucking shite. Looks like they will never top Sound Shattering Sound
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    I have a really good feeling about Cohesion.
  • Avatar for DwayneyBoi
    SSS/AYI - Awesome, BO - Good
  • Avatar for shuffleculture
    Really, really do not understand why they aren't more popular.
  • Avatar for Rowan5215
    Breed Obsession isn't actually as bad as most people think/say it is, "Snakeskin" is a brilliant song, and "These Days" "Australia" and "Weapon.Enemy.Friend." are also really good. The only bad song from the album are "Her Design" and "Time". Still, it's not nearly as good as SSS.
  • Avatar for wilko125
    Not liking the direction of their new track on their myspace, what the shit is up with the punky vocals - just sound generic and crap now :(
  • Avatar for bUCKET__
    I'm glad their new album is sounding different than BO... and sounding pretty okay so far!
  • Avatar for MEDicINeMAN_
    Breed Obsession? Not so much... ... Everything else? AWESOME! Love this band prior to Breed Obsession. Although I do like 1981.
  • Avatar for shaziezang
    You guys need to do another tour again soon! You always have such great shows :D


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