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  • Avatar for Ntagfoo
    He's alright. Nice etudes, though I'm always biased towards piano outputs. Not a big fan of the rest.
  • Avatar for LeoReis92
    I personally enjoy a lot of avant-garde prog metal artists too, especially Toby Driver's stuff. That said, I'd recommend Ligeti's chamber music: the urgency and even the heaviness (if you can see heaviness beyond distortions, drums and growls) are there too. Also, an uneasy, dark feeling permeates those Ligeti's works I referred to, similar to some of Kayo Dot's ambient-oriented sections. But that's just my opinion and perceptions.
  • Avatar for whenyrsad
    the pith, the absolute center of creation.
  • Avatar for meta-l
    Ligeti's where it's at
  • Avatar for cletus77
    By what opus should a greenhorn begin with?
  • Avatar for der666
    Just stick to metal mate
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Maybe I was a bit too quick to judge...especially given my interest in avant-prog/avant-garde metal. Can you guys explain his appeal exactly?
  • Avatar for ilikevomit
    как же хорошо it's like you transcend to another place,a better one
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    Requiem is the scariest piece of music ever made by far.
  • Avatar for Ukunlayak
    His requiem is so damn badass....
  • Avatar for bl4kr4bb1t
    I just love Continuum.
  • Avatar for Crassa_Minerva
    Lux Aeterna слишком прекрасна.
  • Avatar for albinjames
    His music is difficult [2]
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    On re-visiting this guy, I'm realizing why I used to hate classical: this guy was one of the first composers I recognized. Then again, anything tied to 2001: A Space Odyssey is going to be pretentious, so I shouldn't be surprised.
  • Avatar for WSCERB
    probably my favorite composer ever
  • Avatar for Flohrjahn
    Was ist denn schon wieder!? [2]
  • Avatar for Kelvius
    mmm so good
  • Avatar for ut0
    nice thanks have a grate day. :)
  • Avatar for GiaNXGX
  • Avatar for ShinyRobotCat
    Open dat stargate.
  • Avatar for SAGYology
    In comparison with Penderecki's "Complete Cello Concertos" Requiem is not even scary. =)
  • Avatar for wave_patterns
    dat Requiem...... [3] That piece is the scariest shit ever.
  • Avatar for mazahaka_a
    Jesus Christ, it's so magical!
  • Avatar for tim4tw
    Was ist denn schon wieder!?
  • Avatar for jigabooda
    Nothing that sounds like it; the closest, I think, would be Berg's Wozzeck - which at least has all the violence, sensuality, and humor.
  • Avatar for dillEsquire
    @squiresuzuki What an awesome story
  • Avatar for emptysituation
    do there exist any operas even remotely similar to Le Grande Macabre?
  • Avatar for diegooMZ
    This is darkness and light, I dont know where is my mind, guess in light.
  • Avatar for SquireSuzuki
    So good. I just learned that my piano teacher drove him 60 miles to the airport once, assigned to the task just because he speaks Hungarian...apparently Ligeti's crude Hungarian jokes are so funny they can almost make a person drive off the road.
  • Avatar for cmn90
  • Avatar for joaonada
    dude's so rad.
  • Avatar for stupidstuff
    I concur with ji_jimenez's opinion of Moodiesfan41's assertion.
  • Avatar for ji_jimenez
    Modiesfan41 is quite right
  • Avatar for sonny_valerio
  • Avatar for Moodiesfan41
    Ligeti is awesome
  • Avatar for Flohrjahn
    "dat Requiem......" [2]
  • Avatar for romtyl
    Love his works used in Kubrick movies
  • Avatar for dI-__-Ib
  • Avatar for AdrianLw
    yeah it's both music buried between layers of sound.
  • Avatar for ulyssestone
    György Ligeti: Complete Chronological Catalogue in one 16-hour Spotify playlist. Plus a mix of 18 etudes taken from 18 albums.
  • Avatar for tunabrine
    This shit is wild.
  • Avatar for vicskatepunk
    Michael Gielen's recording.
  • Avatar for mauromazzo
    What is in your opinion the best recording of Ligeti's Requiem?
  • Avatar for JackYgrn
    his music from the requiem is full of ghosts and shadows.i love it.
  • Avatar for blackless
    Milton Babbitt was jewish too
  • Avatar for Ronniemog45
    The Requiem is the scariest music experience I know of. Especially that 3rd movement with all its suprises... >_>
  • Avatar for adja6kla4ry5ytw
    он ебащит внатуре четко
  • Avatar for MiloDC
  • Avatar for tim4tw
    dat Requiem......
  • Avatar for kelspooky
    "This Requiem of his is really hurting my ears. I love it, but it hurts! What is this i dont even". I feel like it's slowly blowing up my mind


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