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  • Avatar for InSearchOfTruth
    Instresting tune, reminds me a lot of some Prince early work.
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    As much as I like this song, it’s a jarring end to a largely fun, playful album and requires a more apt lead-up than Danger Zone…
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    v Acquaint yourself with The Love Below.
  • Avatar for spacecircus
    I think the lyrics are great, as is the subject matter. But the song's kind of all over the place musically. Maybe it's some kind of genre I'm not familiar with..?
  • Avatar for hf1809
    is good song
  • Avatar for CubiqueZirqoni
    by far the best song on L.A.M.B. the production is amazing, the lyrics are top-notch and Gwen and André sound perfect together.
  • Avatar for DamitaJo1814
    wow quit nit picking at the song. the lyrics are great. it's depressing interracial marriage is actually an issue but hearing people sing about it is emotional and inspirational plus this song has a great beat i think
  • Avatar for Batiste369
    Weakest song on L.A.M.B : (
  • Avatar for Junellynne
    Love this!...... Very emotional.
  • Avatar for Tattoolover23
    I love this song. Never seen the video
  • Avatar for rev054
  • Avatar for RenlyTyrell
    I HAAAAATE this song, Lol.
  • Avatar for NadinOHsaurus
  • Avatar for trent576
    great music but the lyircs are so ham fisted
  • Avatar for BarneyJWY
    Well...Martin Luther King was named after the man. I think he got his ideas from original Martin Luther King. So it doesn't really bother me. Anyway, this was one of the first few songs where I actually listened to the lyrics as a ten year old. Amazing song.
  • Avatar for Megawarrior345
    This song kinda bothers me. When they say "Martin Luther" I am assuming that they mean "Martin Luther King Jr." -- and there's a big difference there. [2] of course.
  • Avatar for 0mgz0rz
    Martin Luther?
  • Avatar for TriggerLucy
    v I think thats pretty obvious
  • Avatar for ringwraith10
    This song kinda bothers me. When they say "Martin Luther" I am assuming that they mean "Martin Luther King Jr." -- and there's a big difference there.
  • Avatar for Batiste369
    All men, all men are created the color of their skin the content of their character....
  • Avatar for ultimatedhani
    Gwen and Andre make magic together
  • Avatar for ultimatedhani
    We were blind, we were blind people
  • Avatar for cduffs
    when snow hits the asphalt, cold looks and bad talk come ♥ been there done that, great song (:
  • Avatar for snobberry
    such a good beat :)
  • Avatar for teomen
    this one has a different style than the other songs in the album, but i think it's very successful.
  • Avatar for latinaflwr
    So much meaning in this song LOVE IT☺
  • Avatar for griwan
    замечательный трек
  • Avatar for veramis
    ni si kiera me d}i cuenta que era gwen >.< sta gnial
  • Avatar for Horusware
    un tema escepcional
  • Avatar for cheriiiliips
    lo mejor
  • Avatar for V6lover
    eki?? its wiered. ohkii.
  • Avatar for pink2blue
    what color is love? look up the words to this song, then try to say it is "awful" very good meaning
  • Avatar for madanonymous
    this song has so much meaning for me right now...
  • Avatar for dr3am0N
    Can someone please explain to that when it comes to this song, you get comments like, "This is not music". This song actually does have a poweful message that people just want ignore... whatever though. haha.. the answer: Love has no color. That's what the song is saying!
  • Avatar for cherry099
    l.a.m.b. is great :)
  • Avatar for Dj-Rex
    I Love Gwen!!!! +∞ (Double Infinity Plus)
  • Avatar for Isakrazy
    i have never heard this song...and now i´m in love!!!!!!
  • Avatar for 1Ems
    4 me, bubble pop electric just smacks it! this is cool though.
  • Avatar for Martina45
    Gwen Rules
  • Avatar for kirynmusic
    If you like this you'll like our music too. :)
  • Avatar for coobymx
    Oh, how? I love this song, I think it's one of the best in the album, it's so refreshing and unique. And yeah, way better than Bubble Pop Electric.
  • Avatar for JTIII
    Definitely one of my favs on LAMB. Gwen and Andre 3000 needed to do another song for TSE because I truly feel that this song is very unappreciated. And it definitely helps matters because I would of never thought that this song would apply to me at this very moment...
  • Avatar for EvermoreRocks
    its just not music this song..its just not cool..
  • Avatar for XMwaX
    upgrade computah!
  • Avatar for theking2008
    its way better than bubble pop electric
  • Avatar for pascalbaez
    awful. just awful.

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