• If my life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be

    7 Dec 2007, 13:12 by skylarkza

    Anyone who has read any of my journals anywhere knows that I find these music "games" very entertaining. This seems like the best excuse of a journal to do them in considering the site. Going to do this one nice and slowly because I am actually listening to the songs. :)

    Open your music library and shuffle. Write down and have fun.

    Opening Credits:
    Mrs. O
    Looks like this is going to be interesting, as usual "Chernobyl was a cover up/The world is really all in love."

    Waking Up:
    Oh, this is getting better and better. :(

    First Day Of School:
    Six Underground
    Love the song, but my oh my - what a moody start!

    Falling In Love:
    In the Shadows

    Losing Virginity:

    Fight Song:
    Little Hide

    Breaking Up:
    Hammering in My Head
    How appropriate... self delusion.

    Living Dead Girl
    Guess I'm not a girly girl in this film, that's for sure. But heck, it's an awesome prom song. ;)

    Bicycle Race
  • Escape into sweetness

    26 Jan 2007, 23:50 by sabberworm

    I used to really like Gwen Stefani. Not only her music but her style as well. On her latest album (The Sweet Escape) cover she looks just clean and round like bubble gum… sweet bubble gum. I do sort of like and dislike the artwork. It does emit the appearance of a perfect world where everything's shiny and new. Then again, even though the make-up looks perfect, the shape of her face looks just incredibly odd, especially the angular chin and nose. Those two characteristics combined make for a very compelling argument as to what society demands of people's style and looks and how we try to follow the "main stream"…
    Mainstream seems to be the next big topic. Everything No Doubt ever did, even though most of their music had always been part of the mainstream, had a slight touch of punk-influenced alternativeness which is what I've always loved about their songs. Hell, Rock Steady is even one of my all-time favourite albums.
    Gwen Stefani solo, however, never seemed quite at home in the alternative sector. …
  • "Mad Heads", "Контакт"

    20 Dec 2005, 14:21 by la20

    Нормальные люди во время автограф-сессий любимых исполнителей если и покупают диски/кассеты, то именно того исполнителя, на встречу с которым он пришёл.
    Я же решила быть оригинальной и, встретившись с Ani Lorak, купила кассеты... Love. Angel. Music. Baby. от Gwen Stefani и "Контакт" Mad Heads. Сегодня я расскажу о втором альбоме.

    Всё со временем меняется - в любую сторону. Неизменными остаются только песни поп-эстрады, которые ещё с советских времён ни на ноту не отошли от своего заунывного звучания. Остальная музыка переливается всеми красками радуги на радостном ветру перемен. И хотя со времён "Контакта" группа Mad Heads претерпела значительные изменения и стала называться Mad Heads XL (появилась труба, саксофон и другие музыкальные инструменты, преобразовавшие музыку группы из рокабилли в нечто с трудом вообразимое), я сейчас гооврю о первой волне трансформаций стиля исполнения "Мэдов".
    Обложка альбома недвусмысленно намекает на тесные…