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Guttural Secrete was formed in the summer of 2002 by Jeremiah "Blue" Jensen, the band's vocalist. He was sick of the "weak" bands in his area, and wanted to find dedicated musicians capable of creating very heavy music. He recruited Mike Fitzgerald on drums, and Michael Tocci on bass.

With this lineup, a 2-track demo in 2003, which was quite well received. Around a year later, a 4-track EP was recorded, entitled "Artistic Creation With Cranial Stumps" in 2004. This EP was then released under Unmatched Brutality Records, who signed Guttural Secrete.

Shortly after the release of this, Michael Tocci departed from the band, leaving the band as a two-piece for over a year (simply one guitarist and a drummer). Eventually, they met up with guitarist Randy Thompson, then the guitarist of local band From The Grave. Randy gladly accepted the second guitarist position, thus making the band a three-piece now with two guitarists (an almost necessity for their style of music). With the addition of Bassist Matt Goldberg, who played in Local Las Vegas deathgrind Acts Weirding Way, and Sutured Esophagus, Guttural Secrete's live sound Provides a Pummeling Audio Assault that leaves none unscathed.

In 2006, making Guttural Secrete the album, entitled "Reek of Pubescent Despoilment". That was released under Unmatched Brutality Records.

In June 2013, Guttural Secrete had confirmed that the project had run its course, and thanked the fans for their decade-long support.

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