• My last bandwagon post. Really.

    14 Feb 2006, 06:50 by Delsaber

    Seriously. I mean it this time.

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Massive Attack. Specifically, their cover of Joy Division's New Dawn Fades. The energy level on this track is fantastic, and that's high praise coming from me since I usually can't stand covers.

    2. What song makes you sad?
    Sleep Alone by Moby isn't merely sad, it also gives me the chills in some places.

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Narrowing this down to a single song would take me all night. I could throw in a lame copout reply, such as "anything by System of a Down or Insane Clown Posse", but these two groups (mostly the latter) frequently transcend "annoying" and flirt with "fucking retarded". Therefore, I'll simply choose something at random from The Great Barrel of Annoying Songs™... uh... what was that shitty radio single by Kylie Minogue a few years back? The one with all the la la la's? Okay, I'm gonna go with that one.

  • Into the void.

    11 Dec 2005, 22:13 by pixie_suicide

    Where to begin?
    Oh well. Guess I'll start by (surprisingly enough) making a list of my favorite bands/artists (how original).

    Malice Mizer
    Sopor Aeternus
    Johann Pachelbel
    Weird Al Yankovic
    Nine Inch Nails
    John Lennon
    Iron Maiden
    Dark Tranquility
    Dark Funeral
    Gustav Holst

    Ok...I'll stop the list there. That should give a general idea, lol.
  • Eclecticism

    29 Oct 2005, 12:38 by andrewbiles

    I was just looking around Myspace because right now I have absolutely nothing to do. I like looking at what people have to say to bands in that message board type section down the bottom. Not being a member, I feel I have the ability to just look around and laugh at people on there. Rarely do I do this, but every now and then in a moment of boredom it's a good laugh, try it. Anyway, I was on From Monument To Masses page having been linked from their main website, and then ended up going to check if Ben Barnett had left some new tracks from 'In the Red' up on the Kind of Like Spitting page (he hadn't). Then went to Corrina Repp's page and got bored them of scouring the bands stuff because the music kept coming on when I'm listening to my own stuff (most annoying thing about websites is having automatic playing of music). Anyway, I can't remember who I then clicked on, but under their music part of their profile it said something like, "I'm not going to list everything I listen to on here, but I have eclectic taste". …
  • (good) news

    4 Sep 2005, 01:26 by pgiampi1

    - as far as i know, i'll be playing Gustav Holst's "the planets" with the colgate symphony orchestra on sunday, november 13th.

    - dr. beth peterson has asked me to be a featured soloist with the ithaca concert band on their concert that will most likely be the evening of friday, december 9th. what i am playing has not yet been decided.
  • rationalizing(?)...

    16 Aug 2005, 18:58 by pgiampi1

    well, ensemble auditions are less than a week and a half away. i have had a very successful history with them which is possibly making me even more nervous about this one coming up. something tells me that i'm working as hard as i can right now but it still isn't making me anymore calm about this audition. i'm going to briefly use this space to try and rationalize the situation by going through my material and seeing how prepared i feel...

    prepared solo: David Gillingham - vintage
    last year i used a cut-and-paste portion of the first and third movements of Vladimir Cosma's euphonium concerto for my prepared solo. however this time i went with something that i plan to play on my junior recital in the spring. overall i like the style i am presenting and as long as my tempo isn't too fast i'm getting about 90% of the notes. the thing that worries me is that i always seem to tucker out after the slow opening where there are a string of high Bbs and Cs. …