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    30 Apr 2010, 21:29 by ehk2

  • Firyuza

    2 Feb 2006, 20:46 by Progbear

    Firyuza was a group from Turkmenistan who put out this one excellent, self-titled album back in the Soviet Union days. They're oft-compared to Gunesh, another Turkmenian band who fused rock, jazz and Central Asian folk stylings.

    But Firyuza seem to be a bit closer to the folk sound than the rather brassy Gunesh. Probably it's the presence of violin as a lead instrument throughout that emphasizes this tendency. Soprano sax also abounds, as well as some odd Canterbury-esque organ sounds. Totally instrumental, this really should appeal to the discerning progger looking for something different. This album really screams out for CD reissue!