• VA / «Meta Rotation» mixed by Hexfire (2009) [deep ambient mixset]

    22 Aug 2009, 21:52 by trancing

    - deep ambient / space / psychill
    - (elements of) dark ambient

    - 79:32 (320k / mp3)

    Brief info:

    It's always hard to come up with a description as soon as it comes to music. Those words that are usually intended to do that encompassing work (be it "dark", "beautiful", "melodic" or other) are more likely cliche-words rather than any sort of useful tools able to help you to accomplish that intention. Either that, or you should possess a poetic gift in order to synthesize superficial parts and erect one organic image.

    Meta Rotation is something that couldn't be translated, because it's comprised out of two words which in this case can only be perceived as symbols.
    Overly dark, cosmic and definitely esoteric, this mix exposes sacred sides of traditional ambient soundscapes, which are dark, and yet something prevents you from classifying them as "dark ambient". And that's quite a trip.
  • VA / «Ethereal Dive» mixed by Hexfire (2009) [ambient mixset]

    10 May 2009, 16:18 by trancing

    Genre.....................: Electronic
    Style.....................: Ambient; Downtempo; New Age
    Compilation Date..........: 09-May-2009
    Playtime..................: 73:11
    Quality...................: CBR 320k (LAME 3.97) 44.1khz Joint Stereo

    Brief info:

    Ethereal, cosmic, unearthly... nearly the entire first half of the compilation is all about this feel. But as title says, a dive is supposed to take place somewhere in the course. And it actually happens like an ethereal awakening caused by Carbon Based Lifeforms, who take you from the depths of the short interlude. It's already a halfway when Marco Torrance is about to set a new vein of the journey, bringing in a beautiful melancholic piece, followed by En Voice and Amethystium, who are ready to welcome you with two soulful gems, delivering you in a state of peace and harmony. Boris Blenn then delivers gradual shift to traditional ambient soundscapes, with assistance of Carbon Based Lifeforms…