• Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children

    7 Nov 2006, 23:14 by simplexion

    A few days back I was browsing through a record store when I noticed that the Stones Throw Records compilation 'Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children' was selling cheap. Cheap considering it comes with a DVD of a live performance and an interview with Madlib.
    I purchased it and went back to my car, jumped in and threw it in my deck. I didn't literally throw it into the cd player. That would have been awesome though and quite skillful. Anyway, the compilations starts off really well with Madlib's little bro, Oh No, on the track 'Oh Zone'. It almost sounds like a Quasimoto track and I was very into it.
    The next track is by a dude by the name Guilty Simpson called 'Clap Your Hands', produced by J Dilla. I liked this track more than the first.
    Madlib then jumps up in your face on another manouver produced by J Dilla called 'Take It Back'. The beat was very funky and got me bouncing in my seat. And as always I just loved Madlib's slow flow…