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  • Avatar for GenericMagnetic
  • Avatar for Sorrki
    Trail of Dead cover is superb.
  • Avatar for goro008
    reminds me of early Pink Floyd
  • Avatar for koiaike
    Last night i dreamt that i was 11 again and in little league soccer. During a game we all started singing this song, still passing the ball and running around
  • Avatar for SpazRetardKid
    This song has to be one of the best ones I've ever heard, it may be too short but then again that is what makes it great. It;s an experience to enjoy but it will pass <3
  • Avatar for AliceReid
    "She runs through the night, as if nobody cares." [6]
  • Avatar for prokacper
    surprisingly good
  • Avatar for casimir_pulaski
    my favorite song, even though i've never understood what it was about.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    "She runs through the night, as if nobody cares." [5]
  • Avatar for Zapoppin
    rewind rewind rewind
  • Avatar for OmnipotentOmega
    The Silverbrain Hillbottom King GPS
  • Avatar for ummanturkoglu
    best ballad ever written
  • Avatar for lauren12_JBS
    Just unbelievably good.
  • Avatar for houghster27
    hallway of shatterproof glass
  • Avatar for weegee64
  • Avatar for mrmocha
    iconic GBV tune.
  • Avatar for autonomess
    I wish I could figure out exactly what their songs are about, sometimes. This is incredibly well done.
  • Avatar for ACrickUphill
    Love it.
  • Avatar for blackoutxkyle
    one of the best
  • Avatar for kfjckillsme
    ooh- i used to crave this song like a big pickle when i was pregnant- haven't heard it in 12 yrs- when my tape bit the dust-looooooove
  • Avatar for E47
    I really love this.
  • Avatar for PitaDauphin
    man, so good
  • Avatar for whylessness
    "She runs through the night, as if nobody cares." [4]
  • Avatar for likealoosetooth
    why even try ?
  • Avatar for sc0tt10
    "She runs through the night, as if nobody cares" stuck in my head all bloody day.
  • Avatar for DecomposingTree
    jesus christ why is this song all i ever want to listen to
  • Avatar for Wolfgarden
  • Avatar for EraserKid
    great piece of work.
  • Avatar for sownz
    i love how the say the title lyric with such confidence
  • Avatar for CleanSpoon
    god I love that "she runs through the night" part
  • Avatar for sashwap
    one of the best songs ever
  • Avatar for xBIVx
    great song
  • Avatar for aestheticx7
    1 minute and 47 seconds of pure love.
  • Avatar for Craigsly
    What a stunner. I'm so glad I finally got around to listening to this album.
  • Avatar for rymdvarelse
    (insert a gigantic heart of love here)
  • Avatar for robertsona_last
    i dont like the recorder but awesome song
  • Avatar for donttrytogoogle
    I'm so loving it... to bad it's so short :(
  • Avatar for Spumco
    Oh my god is this ever beautiful.
  • Avatar for rickbosch
    What a great song, the trail of dead cover is amazing too...
  • Avatar for unminded
    she runs through the night as if nobody cares.... <3
  • Avatar for ApfelGeld
    Don't hide - the snake can see you
  • Avatar for phil_colons
    Obviously about a woman who screams and cries and ignores all the stares...
  • Avatar for luishernando
    Love the vocals near the end!
  • Avatar for jbinder
    So cool. Who needs more than one verse?

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