• CONCERT EXTRAVAGANZA ROUND 2: The Max Levine Ensemble

    11 Jun 2006, 19:20 by azzface

    Yesterday was The Max Levine Ensemble at ABC No Rio. Obviously this was a much smaller show than CONCERT EXTRAVAGANZA ROUND 1, which has both its good and bad points. Good because there is room to move. Bad because if you have no friends who share your interests, like yours truly, it can be very lonely in between sets. Despite that, I kept my chin up because I really love The Max Levine Ensemble and was just pleased to be seeing them. The first band was The Catalyst and I don't remember the name of the second band. They were good enough, but not comparable to Max, in my opinion. Max Levine was third and was awesome as usual. My complaint remains that the vocals tend to not be loud enough at these small shows, and I would have liked to hear more vocal. The last band was Guadalupe, who, like the first two bands was good but not in the league of Max Levine.