• this week.. or last? idk. whtev

    12 Nov 2006, 23:25 by sk8rgrlzzz

    Top Plays This Week:

    1 Zemfira 161
    2 Cat Power 77
    3 nichya 23
    4 Jenny Owen Youngs 19
    5 Rachael Yamagata 16
    6 Lady Sovereign 14
    7 Tegan and Sara 13
    7 Gruppa FM 13
    9 The Pipettes 8
    9 Pustki 8

    so thats my top plays last week. Zemfira at the top again.. prob because i decided to play all of her albums that day..and then some more 'cause i wanted to try to read the lyrics along with the song.. so thats prob why thats sorta high. but i was expecting it to be higher..

    hm..whos pustki? oh oh them. 8 times? oh cool. theyre cool. from a few other polish songs someone sent me, and thanks for them cause i liked them.(in case that person happens to read this..) but yeh. "Telefon do przyjaciela" = great song.

    so..yup. Cat power is cool. ive only been playing 2 songs by her, over and over Nichya great as always.. yup and everyone else, great.

    Overall Top Artists:

    1 Zemfira 699
    2 Tegan and Sara 601
    3 t.A.T.u. 260
    4 Stars 181
    5 Yulia Savicheva 150
  • Top 10 artists this week. 07.30.06

    1 Aug 2006, 00:40 by sk8rgrlzzz

    basically i was listening to all the albums on my itunes that i never listened to so..i did. thats why most of this artists on on the list. not all tho. some i like loved and played alot. would have played alot more but only because i was away for a few days therefore not .. near my comp. so..uh huh.

    This Week: July 24-July 30

    1 Her Space Holiday 44
    - i think its an older artist..most of his songs are kinda slow but ok. i found that he did a version of Brodka's Dziewczyna mojego chlopaka which i loved btw, and his version My Girlfriend's Boyfriend. its basically the opposite. Her Space Holiday's version is a guy singing and the other is a girl singing. Brodka's title meaning basically the opposite. so i had to check out more. a few tracks:
    Match Made in Texas
    Meet The Pressure

    2 Cansei de Ser Sexy 35
    - yeh. well. i guess ive grown a bit attached to CSS. genius u kno? songs about alcohol. i mean. greatness.
    honestly, ive grown to like all the songs ive heard.
    Off the Hook
  • pop pop pop

    17 Jul 2006, 22:41 by sk8rgrlzzz

    ive been listening to lots of pop music. and lots of very pop/powerpop music. so..yep.
    hm..this truned out to be a listing of artists of different nationalities/ this is not the most accurate..

    -i think this was out like like in the 90's. i seriously forgot about this song. great awesome song.
    Hanging on the Telephone
    -cover. goodness
    -still good.

    and lately i guess ive come across a bit Jap. music. but.idk. im not the huge Japan stuff fan. compared to a friend. she's like obsessed with Japan stuff as im obsessed with Canadians and Russians. so..yeh. i dont think these will be previewable..but idk. most likely not..

    -cover of seals version/japanese version
    Kiss Me Goodbye theres two versions. Eng. and Jap.
    -Angela Aki has a pretty good voice. she kinda reminds me of Lisa Loeb but thats prob only becasue of the glasses on her album cover..i guess.