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There are at least 3 artists named Grover:

1. Sesame Street, New York City, New York (1967 - present)
Originally played by Frank Oz and now portrayed by Eric Jacobson
Grover is a valiant, caring blue monster who is chock-full of childlike exuberance. The boisterous little monster often gets himself into pickles by rushing into situations without weighing the consequences.

Excitable Grover loves to explain new concepts, though he sometimes has a tough time expressing his thoughts clearly. Opposites are a particularly difficult idea for him to explain, but he always manages to get his point across in the end, even though he sometimes swoons dramatically from all the effort.

2. A Birmingham based post-rock outfit who released several records on Bearos Records.

Between 1993-2003, Grover released a host of albums, singles and split releases on independent labels around the world. Broadcasts on BBC Radio1 (including a Peel Session in 2001), plus airtime on a variety of independent stations in Europe and the USA, helped Grover build a dedicated international fan-base and influence the UK post-rock scene.


Simon Fox - guitars, vocals, etc.
Simon Rider - drums
Andy Hall - bass <2002
Steve Hough - bass >2002



"Grover Live" e.p. (bearos 061)
limited edition single on bearos records - released 2006
3" CD (in unique, hand-made, numbered packaging)

"Untitled" e.p. (tr02)
e.p. on teleran records (hong kong) - released 2002
4 tracks - 3" CD

"414.7 Revolutions" e.p. (bearos 010)
second single on bearos records - released 2000
4 tracks - 7" transparent red vinyl

"…Like a Bunny" (bearos 003)
debut single on bearos records - released 1999
2 tracks - 7" (ltd. edition on transparent brown vinyl)


"Past" (bearos 038)
limited edition retrospective on bearos records - released 2003
17 tracks - CD

"Tiny Blue Sparks" (bearos 032)
bearos records - released 2003
10 tracks - CD

"Husk" (grovercd1)
debut album - released 1998
8 tracks - CD

For details of Grover tracks on compilations/splits, etc. go to www.grover.org.uk

3. A twee pop band from Bellingham, Washington, USA. They released a split single with Crayon and an EP, both on Gritty Kitty records.

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