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  • Avatar for almerindo_lana
    Me too. His old stuff was fantastic, I mean, the album Feel Me is fantastic. So bad his recent releases are just generic commercial stuff, there's nothing actually interesting in any of the Frozen Throne tracks except for "October Acid" which although isn't much creative is a solid production.
  • Avatar for taIktostrangers
    I miss his old stuff
  • Avatar for heyjonasdias
  • Avatar for Holderhold
  • Avatar for JRinka
    Damn I'm listening to Frozen Throne right
  • Avatar for God-Dog
  • Avatar for tomash696969
  • Avatar for Swaytek1
    IT IS the best work to date. The new album is incredible.
  • Avatar for waterxdmg
    watch the frozen throne
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    Wow new album is great.
  • Avatar for Sm1rN
    i think it's his best work to date.
  • Avatar for Eldraac
    After a first listen I liked the overall tone of Frozen Throne but wish it had a few more instrumental tracks
  • Avatar for StrictlyStupid
    where's Frozen Throne?
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    suicide mission
  • Avatar for Phantom_Lancer
    Free ep Dowlnoad the .rar file
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Just discovered this guy's music, wish I had much much earlier!
  • Avatar for WoskuDoktor
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    I agree, completely chilling at times!
  • Avatar for Mediocre_00
    Gravity Hoarding gives me the chills.. You're the Guy! <3
  • Avatar for Sensibafflor
    groundislava? fair enough, better take the day off
  • Avatar for WoskuDoktor
  • Avatar for NinjaTravisLee
    Just Listened to Cool Party. So TRAP
  • Avatar for alomaxx
    t'estimo, tío!
  • Avatar for katianidad
    dam.... this music is sick!
  • Avatar for acid_porno
    I will always pronounce Groundislava like Bratislava.
  • Avatar for EnemyScoot
    @acid_porno I pronounced Groundislava like Bratislava for way longer than I'd like to admit.
  • Avatar for sunnydaysforme
    feel me is absolutely incredible
  • Avatar for acid_porno
    Groundislava is my favorite city in Eastern Europe.
  • Avatar for FantaBuddha
    дядя давай ещще!
  • Avatar for adamruies
    feel me is a perfect album
  • Avatar for Cannabidiol
    Cool Guy
  • Avatar for Vjunkie
    Guy looks a bit of a weirdo when you look at the pictures on fb, but makes great tunes : ) Thx man!!
  • Avatar for judepoiro
    Feel Me is pure awesomeness. Thanks for the great work!
  • Avatar for Mith0s
    TV Dream <3
  • Avatar for 1989-12-05
    Ayyyy chrono trigger
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    this new one may just be a grower. first time 'round i wasn't into it but this time 'round it's sounding much nicer.
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
    solid new record. but nothing special, i think.
  • Avatar for busysignalbeats
  • Avatar for brun-o
    oh shit, a chrono trigger sample (zeal's theme) in "cool party". how boss is that?
  • Avatar for k__mas
    Feat with Baths makes me cum every time !
  • Avatar for cashualty
    lava is Ground~~~. The new album's dope alright!
  • Avatar for raouldukhst
    really like the new album, such a great vibe on these tracks it's unreal.
  • Avatar for supafluff
  • Avatar for k__mas
    Suicide Mission w/ Baths is awesome. I want a new LP by Baths right now !
  • Avatar for Blizzy23
    great artist
  • Avatar for ojigbe
    I like his new LP. Cool Party is the best
  • Avatar for Eldraac
  • Avatar for elementos
    Feel Me is an extraordinary piece of music. One of the best electronic releases I've heard in quite some time.
  • Avatar for guiguiboulz
    smooth prod
  • Avatar for terrorsickhead
    Feel Me better than debut LP <3 Cool Party & Love Ribbon is awesome!


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