• Groove Guerilla

    15 Apr 2006, 15:50 by Hirenj_au

    On Thursday night, I semi-spontaneously went down to see Groove Guerilla, who were playing at Billy Blues Zieglers (Yeah, I know, it's a terrible name for a pub/club). I've never actually have ventured into Zieglers for a gig before, knowing it only for the Sushi which you can get there. Quite surprisingly, the room in which the gig is held is actually quite good - large open area, with a few tables set up to the back and around the edges. It reminds me a bit of The Basement back home.

    I guess it says volumes about the gig that I haven't really said anything about the music yet. Groove Guerilla are a local band (from Mannheim) and play a blend of funky rock. The artist which I guess is closest is someone like Jamiroquai - but not really. Maybe I've been spoiled, but I felt the band was bland at times. It was a little middle of the road - not knowing whether to dip into , , or very very briefly . Compared to the aforementioned Jamiroquai (not immune to criticism either)…