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  • SimonePerrota

    very underrated - borrows more than a few cues from Bassment Jaxx but it's great from start to finish. I think it's their best...

    May 2012
  • debux

    Paris is so fuckin' beautiful....

    May 2012
  • R3B3L1724

    It actually does look like Habbo

    May 2011
  • Sabrac_

    Its my idea, or the cover looks like Habbo?

    May 2011
  • smooth_operator

    love sweet sound

    November 2010
  • k___B

    What a killer album.. So much variety. :3 One could never tire of this masterpiece, it's such a treat to listen to. Kudos GA. :)

    June 2009
  • dumblet06

    This album is sick :)

    May 2009
  • neonbuzzin

    Drop that thing has nice bass! love it

    April 2009
  • likethey

    i love this cd!! especially THE THINGS THAT WE COULD SHARE AAAAAAAAAAAA

    March 2009
  • buttonnose27

    Love this album

    March 2009
  • anagalleta

    get GA new EP at: www.bliveshare.com just go to the website and get the new songs for free, yeah!

    January 2009
  • jstevens_uk

    Paris - when the piano loop comes in on that track it gives me shivers!

    July 2008
  • Nitro43

    Great album!

    July 2008
  • dudzikk

    From The Rooftops is wonderfull!

    July 2008
  • nastoletni_duch

    with THAT.

    July 2007
  • highfiver

    is it the things we could share or THAT we could share?

    June 2007
  • dpd_muzik

    Why they didn;t put cover of album Is it so dificult

    June 2007
  • Hoyas79

    Love Sweet Sound is dubëst!!! Best on this album by far!!! Cheers h79

    May 2007