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  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    The disco drums in the chorus, and the swirl of melodies in the bridge! Not all of Veckatimest has held up for me, but this one still does.
  • Avatar for sqrb3ar
    amazin' raisin
  • Avatar for cthomas2
    this might be my favorite song of all time
  • Avatar for oceanseacrest
    This is my favorite song of all time. THOSE HARMONIES.
  • Avatar for cold-cold-hands
    ahhooooh and what was left <3
  • Avatar for rOOm-on-fire
    cette guitare...<3
  • Avatar for Dominican1000
  • Avatar for Feyttozah
    A mais linda <3
  • Avatar for Flynner11
    Best on the album after listen 1.
  • Avatar for nickybail
    edited version, lacking the end blowout >:\
  • Avatar for Bobby357
    i really dig this band...
  • Avatar for wimwimm
    This song is, with Two Weeks, way beyond anything else on Veckatimest. Sounds like Shields, really.
  • Avatar for fank19
    First listen and I already love it.
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    this is damn wonderful
  • Avatar for julierthanyou
    the michael mcdonald collaboration is one of my favorites
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    Incredible song. Everything about it is perfect. This and Two Weeks are the best off Veckatimest.
  • Avatar for berga52
    I like to think the ahwhoas are actually " i hope" even if they're not.
  • Avatar for ofabomination
    Hurdy Gurd by Donovan
  • Avatar for WahSun
    I <3 Grizz take a chance, and listen to my band thanks so much!
  • Avatar for APRILELIZ
  • Avatar for cthomas2
    this is their best song. I don't know why more people don't feel that way.
  • Avatar for KommisarK
    So goooooooood
  • Avatar for perpetualSelf
    beautiful harmonies <3
  • Avatar for Zaub_
  • Avatar for Fernando_0
    ahhhhhhhoooooooooohhhoooooohooowoah [3] and what was there
  • Avatar for koziatek
    wahoowah, must be trippin face
  • Avatar for Alfington
    This song is fucking insane!
  • Avatar for karintheowl
    ahhhhhhhoooooooooohhhoooooohooowoah [2]
  • Avatar for badkharmala
    the part at 3:50 still gives me chills. every. damn. time.
  • Avatar for vinylnow
    unforgettable <3 so perfect.
  • Avatar for peepspers
    Oh hey I almost forgot that this is one of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar for captainyodel
    this song is perfect, this album is perfect <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for mozzareIIa
    Christmas song.
  • Avatar for Stokka
    I want to bring all the people in this shoutbox to a desert island and start a colony
  • Avatar for louman
    solid gold
  • Avatar for garjones2003
    Not the Beach Boys. One of their better ones
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    "Beach Boys-revival" ummmmmmmmm, what?
  • Avatar for lesliedahlink
    I have come the conclusion that this is one of my favorite songs ever.
  • Avatar for Milo101
    The harmony in this song is sick! [2]
  • Avatar for raycharles6
    the climax of this song is the best ive ever heard. or felt.
  • Avatar for micahaguas
    One of the best songs I've heard in a while, totally reminded me of Cream right off the bat.
  • Avatar for Chikara312
    The harmony in this song is sick!
  • Avatar for copiousbred
  • Avatar for mjscholl
    Great lyrics
  • Avatar for illusionvalley
  • Avatar for wolfcrown
    one of my favorite songs.
  • Avatar for JakobKei
    makes you so happy
  • Avatar for Rendellious
  • Avatar for hannabanana2222
    oohhhhhyeah baby
  • Avatar for godonnygo
    Brilliant harmonies, probably the best Beach Boys-revival band out there.


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