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  • Avatar for enerks
    jesus, this song is so epic!
  • Avatar for freezep0px
  • Avatar for bumperxl
    the vocals remind me of robbi robb (three fish)
  • Avatar for SamAdam
    This is a top-ten song for me. Just awesome.
  • Avatar for rella987
    Not bad, ace/.
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    Never say it's the last word, it's not the last word.
  • Avatar for SamAdam
    The bass line that comes in a about 1:00 is awesome.
  • Avatar for dennisgaughan
    god, this song is so epic!
  • Avatar for Lanquide
    yeah there is something about his singing on this song...i feel like im listening a dramatic spanish song.
  • Avatar for TheJesusBot
    This is song is great.
  • Avatar for unperdedor
    put the pipe down ddrmaster
  • Avatar for pecusita
    I'm not that much into this song, to be honest. It doesn't fit into the album.
  • Avatar for Echos_Myron
    This song is definitely Love-esque. Reminds me of Alone Again Or. The singer has a similar style to Arthur Lee.
  • Avatar for braffjeezy
    so goddamned epic
  • Avatar for beatfanatic
    listen to this on some good headphones. that bass is fucking wild...
  • Avatar for thesoundhound
    This song is pretty revelatory as to how good this band is.
  • Avatar for monkeyloops
    god i hate his singing on this song...i like the guitars and stuff though!
  • Avatar for Confessions87
    Loved it for months.
  • Avatar for raceofdoom
    this band finally clicked earlier today, and i can't get over how fucking awesome this song is.
  • Avatar for Scrotumzz
    Can't believe i only caught onto Grizzly Bear after buying Veckatmest, what an album, this song is great. I wonder how history will remember them.
  • Avatar for young_wives
    what a unique song
  • Avatar for PhamilyJules
    Whoa. I bought the album after hearing a few acoustic versions of the songs. This is awesome.
  • Avatar for Deewee
    This is so damn fine.
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    Yeah, a bit of a Love rip-off but not bad at all.
  • Avatar for wargrave
    Yes, it sounds a bit like Love. Awesome song!
  • Avatar for BermudaHighway
    I was gonna say, the opening had me thinking Doors, but the chorus definately has me thinking Love. And the vocals have me thinking Bowie? Huh. Wasn't expecting that.
  • Avatar for dt76
    Does this song remind anyone else of Love (uh, the band, not the feeling... but that too)?
  • Avatar for cheesesandwich
  • Avatar for Felipe__
  • Avatar for adruint
    3:45 OMG
  • Avatar for Confessions87
    "...I could everrrrrrrrr!"
  • Avatar for lukeloseth
    I just came in my pants [2]
  • Avatar for Cuttooth84
  • Avatar for MGMTAE
    Awesome. I'm underwater.
  • Avatar for Nachkebia
  • Avatar for vivapedro
    When I first heard this, I alternately almost started crying and was giggling profusely. It's incredible!
  • Avatar for flyawayamanda
    uh uh uhhhhhh *thrusting hip motion x3*
  • Avatar for OkerekeTML
  • Avatar for rudesam
  • Avatar for petrolatum
  • Avatar for testspecimen
    sets a much different tone than easier did for yellow house. love this band.
  • Avatar for blanksky
    great song, but idk dan's voice sounds like the dude from steely dan, not that it's a bad thing, I love steely dan :)
  • Avatar for phxphreak04
    The very first second of this album... wow. Fantastic.
  • Avatar for StaticMedium
  • Avatar for StaticMedium
  • Avatar for edanone
    love love love
  • Avatar for giobot26
  • Avatar for MrUniversalMind
    Perfect way to start the album. by the way, kcwyckoff...I love your pic man. lol
  • Avatar for raysravens52
    This is amazing.
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