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  • Avatar for MESCIZ
  • Avatar for doyourdishes
    i feel like this album was made for winter
  • Avatar for arsikiller
    the best
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    their best work and it's amazing that droste originally did this solo
  • Avatar for Nullaby
    Reminds me of summer.
  • Avatar for let_itdrown
  • Avatar for psalmistojoel
    campfire :)
  • Avatar for Conejo_stephns
    Amazing :)
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    someone ought to put together a fan video of SILENT HILL game footage to music from HORN OF PLENTY
  • Avatar for hoseyman2001
    just a wonderful and beautiful album ...
  • Avatar for ISeeYouPan
    If you like this album you'll probably like this guy:
  • Avatar for balloon_tooth14
    campfire FTW!!!
  • Avatar for armed_desire
  • Avatar for lovesmesumcake
    This is actually probably my favorite Grizzly Bear album
  • Avatar for Blueschlub
    I regret not appreciating this album until now
  • Avatar for tyrreee
    wtf is a twonk?! but he is right 2.5 mil is no where over looked
  • Avatar for abbylovey
    I like this. Heaps.
  • Avatar for skyblueoleander
    For a band from Brooklyn they sound really English to me. Maybe that mix of folksiness and electronics is something that the Brits have been doing since the early 70s?
  • Avatar for Crustclock
    It has 2m plays, you twonk!
  • Avatar for RussianBerries
    @fuzzzfusion, you are an idiot.
  • Avatar for fuzzzfusion
    veckatimest is way better.
  • Avatar for niespodziewanka
  • Avatar for radiobeatle
    "I feel like this is music you would find in an old, rusty abandoned house in the middle of the woods. " <---Exactly! What a great album.
  • Avatar for jonathanfisk
    Been listening to Yellow House for a few years now. Perfect album. Just heard Horn for the first time tonight. HOP is like a gorgeous little sketchbook for the giant canvas that is Yellow House. Wonderful stuff.
  • Avatar for 4our5ive6ix
    Happy 5th birthday Horn Of Plenty!
  • Avatar for TWAANX
    This is without a doubt my favorite album of all time.
  • Avatar for elephantman5
    I want a candy bar.
  • Avatar for MrXcitement
    I like their full-band polished stuff too, but this is equally awesome. Gotta love that lo-fi moodiness.
  • Avatar for cernius
    Grizzly Bear on the Brooklyn Waterfront:
  • Avatar for mootles
    it's just ed on this album, HRebelYellM
  • Avatar for perfektstranger
    I feel like this is music you would find in an old, rusty abandoned house in the middle of the woods.
  • Avatar for VanaoTX
    mama horn of plenty michael
  • Avatar for wonkies
    i am seriously in love with this album.
  • Avatar for gubia
  • Avatar for OkerekeTML
    Definitely one of my favourites ever. Fucking perfect lo-fi.
  • Avatar for jessicles003
  • Avatar for am0rningview
    this album IS better than yellow house.
  • Avatar for poptawted
    I think PROBABLY THE BEST EVER is a good tag for this album.
  • Avatar for DAYANANDREA
    para meditar....
  • Avatar for cguzman
    I think LO-FI is a good tag for this album.

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