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    nick cave,love you.
  • Avatar for gelogio
    Come fucking back ! :(((
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    I want GRINDERMAN 3 and it should have moose up a staircase on the cover too!
  • Avatar for tuffentiny
  • Avatar for Tankard1991
    Now this is the Nick Cave i like to hear.
  • Avatar for GenericMagnetic
    Underrated as hell.
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  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    No but the closest thing would be the [artist]Johnny Cash[/artist] album called "American IV: The Man Comes Around" which Cash did his NIN cover and then later on it Cave sung a duet with Cash on the old [artist]Hank Williams[/artist] song "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". Plus both have kind-off covered old [artist]Screamin' Jay Hawkins[/artist] song called "I Put a Spell on You" well, Marilyn Manson did Trent Reznor's produced soundtrack to [artist]David Lynch[/artist] film called "Lost Highway" which is the title to another old Hank Williams. So if they did do a collaboration maybe it should be more Hank Williams songs, image that?? Also [artist]Barry Adamson[/artist] was on the Lost Highway soundtrack too and he's a member of The Bad Seeds now so maybe that's the closest thing but it's not Cave himself.
  • Avatar for ThePapaMuerte
    Nick Cave is too cool for lame ass reznor,so hopefully never
  • Avatar for Huggkruka
    So, does anyone know if there are any collabs, mashups or similar of Nick Cave's work and Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails? I have an idea that it would work quite well, but searching has given me nothing. Anyone?
  • Avatar for CatastrophicEli
    Nick Cave and his porno moustache. :D
  • Avatar for Ritzis
    One of the best acts seen on Coachella!
  • Avatar for teraan
    They fucking destroyed Coachella, wow
  • Avatar for ThePapaMuerte
    I need you back guys !!!!
  • Avatar for I_am_dead
    hey atheists
  • Avatar for Didulidudadu
    They had perfect performance- so raw and evil! I could never appreciate them enough without that live experience...
  • Avatar for ThePapaMuerte
    music for the Übermensch !!!
  • Avatar for staggersu
  • Avatar for TIWL
  • Avatar for worst_astronaut
    what's wrong with grinderman?
  • Avatar for StaggerRach
    i gotta get up to get down...
  • Avatar for woordenaar
    Get it on!
  • Avatar for nabraxas
    Shame on you both! Grinderman is seated deep in the meat of existence.
  • Avatar for BlackCoffeeDuck
    [artist]The Bootleggers[/artist] are the new Grinderman!!!
  • Avatar for boshenta
    Thank God, this band doesn't exist anymore! [2]
  • Avatar for ThePapaMuerte
    and one ugly fucking troll from bulgaria !! RIP Grinderman
  • Avatar for Nobodylikesyou
  • Avatar for little-bluebird
    Thank God, this band doesn't exist anymore!
  • Avatar for benzoico
    Cojonudos ¡¡¡
  • Avatar for j3lle
    :( No more grinderman... Liked it more than bad seeds...
  • Avatar for waltwhitee
    I really wish I had seen them when I had the chance. [4]
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    [group]We Love British Bands[/group]
  • Avatar for KumZlatko
    I really wish I had seen them when I had the chance. (3)
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    cool as band
  • Avatar for Andru1990
    someone gives a shit
  • Avatar for owcazbombowca
    I'm proud I've seen them live
  • Avatar for BrianSquare
    I just finished the music video for Richard There´s Silence Train. And I think this could be something for Grinderman fans! Cheers!
  • Avatar for SoulShock
    I really wish I had seen them when I had the chance. (2) Amen.
  • Avatar for pixielandjazz
    I really wish I had seen them when I had the chance!
  • Avatar for genitivodeautor
    Una de las mejores bandas de la historia...
  • Avatar for thekillingspree
    RIP... US APART, BOYS! Be back soon!
  • Avatar for Aarny
    "We may well get the itch to do another Grinderman album or, who knows, maybe something completely different." Good enough for me. Grinderman 2 is one of the best albums ever.
  • Avatar for panSmith
    join us:)
  • Avatar for MissUmbria
    ciao bello
  • Avatar for charymary
    im so glad i have to chance to see them live. but still - very very good band. :C
  • Avatar for NirFanRom
  • Avatar for bloodmaw
    what a great band :( rip
  • Avatar for EndlessDelirium
    Gutted I didn't see them when I had the chance. Would love to see The Bad Seeds again though.
  • Avatar for pj_harvey
    back soon


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