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  • Avatar for ParadesGoBy23
    "I thought it said Spiders, spiders, cause spiders have eight legs lol" cackling at this.
  • Avatar for DouglasCostaAx
  • Avatar for cloudexplorer
    Amazing song!!!
  • Avatar for sarinasingh
    it should be illegal to have this many catchy melodies in one song
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
    Tardis Tardis [14]
  • Avatar for Luckas_eu
    Tardis Tardis [13]
  • Avatar for cinquefoilz
    friend me if this is your fave track
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    it's so good
  • Avatar for NyBlueberry
    This is one of the best tracks on the album
  • Avatar for charlesamerica
    I thought it said Spiders, spiders, cause spiders have eight legs lol
  • Avatar for niqart
    how can people say its annoyng when this little track has big melodies??????
  • Avatar for Suaveness
    Dat ending tho <3
  • Avatar for Cirnodesuu
    Little annoying [3] more than a little actually. [2]
  • Avatar for cvn2nvc
    Suarez Suarez [2]
  • Avatar for hashirkhan
    Suarez Suarez
  • Avatar for psycholyone
  • Avatar for NyBlueberry
  • Avatar for Dunkelheit1369
    Tardis Tardis [12]
  • Avatar for brendacolossi
    Tardis Tardis [11]
  • Avatar for blackkice
  • Avatar for doyourdishes
    i used to hate this track
  • Avatar for KiingNothing
    Tardis Tardis [10]
  • Avatar for JaylirS
    Her voice at the beginning of this song hurts my dog's ears
  • Avatar for katybdi
    Little annoying [2] more than a little actually.
  • Avatar for KarlaBeatles
    My cat loves this song.[2] Zwei(s) Zwei(s).
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    Tardis Tardis [9]
  • Avatar for electricmonster
    its smaller on the outside
  • Avatar for electricmonster
    twice 4 (the number of the track)= eight
  • Avatar for aabbbbeeyy
    robot toads
  • Avatar for aarif69
    Twice Twice (2) toilets, toilets [4] Tardis Tardis [6]
  • Avatar for berk154
    Little annoying
  • Avatar for Nigel96
    Twice Twice
  • Avatar for ohnoshelby
    Tardis Tardis [6]
  • Avatar for Gould-Digger
    strange, but i dig ps: toilets
  • Avatar for Claraform
    My cat loves this song.
  • Avatar for JoHasAFez
    Tardis Tardis [6]
  • Avatar for megwn
    tie this tie this
  • Avatar for sheburon
    toilets, toilets [3] damn you people, now I can't stop hearing it =)
  • Avatar for splatterdick
    tyres, tyres
  • Avatar for moedor
    joe's apartment
  • Avatar for japiernicze
    Tardis Tardis [5]
  • Avatar for lmtsuki
    toilets, toilets [2]
  • Avatar for Fatbirdsdontfly
    Tardis Tardis [4]
  • Avatar for wobblewobblewob
    this song bangs pretty fucking hard for such high pitched squeals
  • Avatar for khal_naqis
    crazy canadian bitch [2] And that's why I love her!
  • Avatar for monster_mash1
    I don't know what the fuck this is, but I think I like it :P crazy canadian bitch
  • Avatar for 303miles
    She is crazy lol
  • Avatar for Jschinker
    LOL vvv
  • Avatar for koziatek
    the only word i can make out is science
  • Avatar for erikisPSYCHO
    I hate it now, but I have the feeling that I'm probably gonna end up loving it.


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