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  • Avatar for LucasXavierReis
  • Avatar for GoddessBrighid
    I don't understand why it's tagged instrumental. It opens with vocals. Instrumental = no vocals. But that aside, yeah. This is beautiful.
  • Avatar for LumenObscurum
    This song.
  • Avatar for grintodeath
    drawing you in
  • Avatar for GreenDreams97
    This song is... fantastic.
  • Avatar for Blobify
  • Avatar for rochatlives
  • Avatar for gekrepten
    Love this song, but I just saw via that the last (and first) time I heard it was in February 2008. Things were so different then. Kind of making me sad right now.
  • Avatar for SIRIUSACMA
    low + slowdive. really superb.
  • Avatar for postevth
  • Avatar for johnstba
    Reminds me of Lou Reed singing Heroin
  • Avatar for Noohmsul
    One of the most beautiful song ever
  • Avatar for olufsenUK
    Fantastic song, but its strangely similar to Mogwai - Acid Food <3
  • Avatar for omer_a
    nostalgia <3
  • Avatar for da_pineapple
    Still cannot love this track enough.
  • Avatar for NINlife
    I want to die to this song.
  • Avatar for Hroros
    It works when your down, it gives you hope. It works when your happy. It works when your out running, makes you float around. Love it
  • Avatar for AdamThrones
    Beautiful piece of music.
  • Avatar for juanchopepe2
  • Avatar for JackMcFearless
    Nice :)
  • Avatar for jen1214
    Wow, so beautiful.
  • Avatar for DrMeatus
    Absolute heaven.
  • Avatar for williamaimi
    the end of this song is sick
  • Avatar for Ji_Kvepuoja
    so emotional.
  • Avatar for Gancheoo
    ooh that song more relaxed as that's what I like about gregor hopefully take out another disc Gregor Samsa good vibes best :D
  • Avatar for lebeauserge
  • Avatar for MarkGoldfain
    The lines that come in at about 4 min into the track just grab my heart, like a defibrillator. Awesome and passionate.
  • Avatar for KiiTyii
    my medicine,my cure,my elixir.. 4gettin out of melancholy times..&being alive again
  • Avatar for Saint_Si
    If doesn't bring tears to your eyes.... honestly- one of my favourite songs of all time.
  • Avatar for Fluktuation_8
    can't believe it..... it was almost 3 years ago
  • Avatar for Saint_Si
    Songs just dont get much more epic than this.
  • Avatar for Lemayencholy
  • Avatar for Wintrygreen
    I'll be seemed like a kid but this must be the dearest song in the universe.
  • Avatar for snap2244
    came to say something alike, "when im in a good mood this song is lifting me up, bad mood equals tears; a genius song, leaves me speechless " [2]
  • Avatar for Nibblhans
    godlike climax. this is a true masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Cyrus1932
    when im in a good mood this song is lifting me up, bad mood equals tears; a genius song, leaves me speechless
  • Avatar for donnie_darko83
    There has been a great video to this song on youtube. a video consisting of scenes from different movies. It's a pity ithat t's not there anymore.
  • Avatar for LesleyWebb
    my new love.
  • Avatar for Ziggy-Dust
    sounds like twin peaks
  • Avatar for psangel
  • Avatar for Fritbread
  • Avatar for Saint_Si
  • Avatar for JuanMarin92
    Love the violins
  • Avatar for bepos
    gets greater everythime i hear it
  • Avatar for Auxerra
    Uhh... it's like... sorta like... <3
  • Avatar for annex-a
  • Avatar for bsbwavestarter
    Absolutely beautiful. Existential marvel.
  • Avatar for bepos
  • Avatar for The_Owl_King
    just great
  • Avatar for booleak
    Emotional.. there must be something surpassing the normal life around us we dont't know :)


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