• April 2008 - "RiddeMadness ParTwo"

    22 May 2008, 15:25 by YWLvanDuyn

    Once a year we present our fav drum & bass tunes 4 ya, means, this is strictly NO HOUSEMUSIC.

    Far away from the 4by4 beats of all the house-tunes, this mixshow brings you bundled energy, but as usal here on, with lots of soul as well. Take care of your subwoofers, but play it louuuuud...

    Special Warning:
    If you have any kind of heart illness or high blood pressure, do NOT listen to this mixshow. We do NOT recommend to listen to this mixshow on the road, specially not on Interstates or other high-speed streets like the German autobahn etc.. it will immediatly increase your car speed and produces speeding tickets.. You were warned !!

    Keep your riddems mad and download it from here:


    Santa Gruz - "Love Games"
    Nu:Tone - "Beliefs"
    High Contrast - "If We Ever"
    Greg Packer - "Your the one"
    Ben Westbeech - "The Reason Why"
  • [привет.]

    9 Jan 2007, 08:46 by Seme4ka

    наконец здесь зарегестрировалась.
    будет время разобраться.
    слушаю инди и немного Грега Пакера.
    в голове пусто, как в плейлисте.
    Greg Packer