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  • Avatar for Kinderoverdose
    mmm... wonderful! [25]
  • Avatar for Ferrocker24
    mmm... wonderful! [24]
  • Avatar for paulalien_
    mmm... wonderful! [23]
  • Avatar for andreyGFBPA
    mmm...wonderful! [22]
  • Avatar for mAdeonfan
  • Avatar for alyne-araujo
  • Avatar for Ben-HurSL
    mmm...wonderful! [21] the best b-side from green day
  • Avatar for dannyboy182
    Only 47 shouts for this track? Shocking.
  • Avatar for PatyFaith
    mmm...wonderful! [20]
  • Avatar for ataraxi4
    My name :)
  • Avatar for MattAurand
    mmm...wonderful! [17]
  • Avatar for jonnammoi
    mmm...wonderful! [16]
  • Avatar for H-Fuzz
    mmm...wonderful! [15]
  • Avatar for KrispinMay
    mmm...wonderful! [14]
  • Avatar for maryann2version
  • Avatar for dutemondo
    Old Green Day :)
  • Avatar for Mchll0644
    Love the opening to this song, makes me laugh! :)
  • Avatar for FallOutLady
    mmm...wonderful! [13]
  • Avatar for thedaydreamer92
    mmm...wonderful! [12]
  • Avatar for Annaatjuhh
    mmm...wonderful! [11]
  • Avatar for simple_idiot
    mmm...wonderful! [10]
  • Avatar for hannah-saurus
    mmm... wondeful! [10] I reeaally wish they played this song when i saw them live!!! But they still put on a kickass show :3
  • Avatar for Louster200
    mmm...wonderful! [8] really like this song, though.
  • Avatar for YouriLohuis
    mmm...wonderfull! [7]
  • Avatar for domi_mcrmy
    mmm...wonderfull! [6]
  • Avatar for rafaeloliv4
    mmm...wonderfull! [5]
  • Avatar for chump72
    mmm...wonderfull! [4]
  • Avatar for SawGreenDayLive
    @scarboro write billie joe and not billy joe...."ie" not "y" it?! -.-"
  • Avatar for TheOnlyRoc
    Some parts remind me of the first [artist]Generation X[/artist] album. Which I believe was one of Green Day's big influences.
  • Avatar for candyfloss981
    i like dis song
  • Avatar for ChaosPuppets001
    mmm...wonderful! [3] <3
  • Avatar for BostonIrish
    mmm...wonderful! [2]
  • Avatar for Lady_Of_Noise
    I think the best memory of their concert on the 12th of November will always be when they surprisingly played this song.
  • Avatar for PanicAttackWCF
    @Ghost_Buster: Considering that bands like The Clash were an influence on GD, it's not that strange.
  • Avatar for Ghost_Buster
    Seems strange to say but they got me into The Clash and The Sex Pistols
  • Avatar for Basket-case
  • Avatar for ataritouchme
    that intro is odd.
  • Avatar for Booty182
    Gotta love Green Day - pre AI
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
  • Avatar for xelene_x
    "She smashed the radio with the board of education"... too cool :)
  • Avatar for MasterKeks
    This song reminds me of how much I actually miss Green Day! They should really hurry up with releasing their new album and playing in Germany and I hope that they'd include this song in their setlist! Well, I know, that was wishful thinking...
  • Avatar for adaam2
    damn you said it before me problematique_
  • Avatar for problematique_
    Hmmm. WONDERFUL!
  • Avatar for maria0305
    Love this song
  • Avatar for ubersponge
    Greenday at its best
  • Avatar for Medizinmann
    Just great

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