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  • Beauty.
  • I need a miracle to take me the announced concert... oh God! please... :(
  • Glad to see there's a new official place for news, Knordhus. Now just fill it with news about a new album! ;]
  • Please follow us for news on our Facebook home:
  • COnfirmed that I should've started with Light of Day, Day of Darkness...this album practically defines epic metal!
  • They are back!! Great news!
  • «Light of Day» прекрасна. Хоть и идет аж целый час, но каждая новая минута встречается с таким интересом...
  • надо ехать на плотину))
  • Hi guys, For news about our reunion, check our official Facebook site: All the best, Kjetil
  • They're reuniting!
  • Of the Green Carnation Albums, and I like Doom metal, so do not take me wrong when I state that I love the Light Of Day,Day Of Darkness Album the absolute best! That one Track Album is a Musical Masterpiece that is a full Hour in length! It is the only Album I have by them but I have heard their other material as well but, Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness will always be my favorite! I have not heard any In The woods Albums yet but sooner or lat I will give them a shot since I know that they are a part of the history of Green Carnation. I never knew that till when I saw this Green Carnation profile.
  • v Yes, I agree. I think it's even more possible to see a new 'In The Woods...' record than a new Green Carnation.
  • Seeing it's been five years(?) now, I doubt The Rise and Fall of Mankind will ever come out.
  • Not sure if I like Journey to the End of the Night yet. There's some great ideas and I can tell it was inspired, but the female vocals don't do anything for me, there's some gutiar brickwalling, the lyrics seem a bit melodramatic and among the good parts in the extremely long tracks, there is meandering. The song structures are interesting and I like the male vocals/bass only parts for dynamics, though, so time shall tell. Maybe I should have started with Light of Day, Day of Darkness...
  • Popping in to say hi!! Thanx for keeping this side alive :)
  • Out now for FREE: Mirrored In Secrecy - Black Halo - - check it out if you like DARK ROCK / METAL music like Amorphis, Sentenced, Paradise Lost, Arch Enemy or similar!
  • For those who liked their last two albums, you should check out Stein Roger Sordal's band "Angels Motel". There's even a remade version of the song "The Burden Is Mine... Alone".
  • 38 Scrobbels.. Wow I have listen 38 hours to them
  • one of the best progressive bands ever
  • All fans of great Norwegian rock and metal, please join :)
  • Рецензия на альбом Green Carnation — «The Acoustic Verses» -
  • shame that Green Carnation has come to an end. They made some amazing music in their time. :(
  • Great Music!
  • ask
  • Anyone know whether Tchort is to make anything with the band or not?
  • saw them live yesterday. not kidding.
  • "Journey to the End of the Night" is absolutely stunning ! Those clean vocals fucking rule .
  • Once I happened to listen to their very first album, or better to say demo: Hallucinations of Despair...just once. :) Otherwise they are a musical satisfaction to my ears. Such a wonderful band, it's a shame that they are not together anymore. Besides, Kjetil is a very underrated vocal imho. He may sound not so different or extraordinary at first but he gives a unique taste to songs, in every group he sang/sings.
  • Acoustic Verses <3
  • Great band, one of the best for me. I'm really sad that i've never seen them live...acoustic verses is a real music masterpiece. Neverending classics for everyone
  • So sad I never got to see them live :/ I shoud've gone to that 'under the dam' concert but was short on money at the time.. shame shame shame shame.....
  • One of the most underrated band in history... Just sad
  • Light Day, Day of Darkness can be described in a word - Perfection. One of the greatest things I've ever heard.
  • I mean the structure of the entire song. I don't know how I could explain better than this, but, if you have listened to the song, you know what I mean. However, the way she sings is also quite annoying, at least for me.
  • @ChrisDarksteel "Everything is perfect ", I quite agree, though that a-cappella section in the middle of the song with that girl singing, could have been a bit shorter.
  • Light Day, Day of Darkness is a tremendous never-ending epicness. After 10 years it's still not getting old. [3] True masterpiece. Everything is perfect in it from the beginning until the end.
  • Light Day, Day of Darkness is a tremendous never-ending epicness. After 10 years it's still not getting old. [2]
  • Light Day, Day of Darkness is a tremendous never-ending epicness. After 10 years it's still not getting old.
  • Thank you all for your nice words!! Seems like we did something right while playing around with different genres from album to album :)
  • Light of Day, Day of Darkness is amazing, but The Acoustic Verses is the best thing they've ever done. It sucks that they are no more, but I'm glad they at least went out on a high note.
  • Light of Day, Day of Darkness is pure perfection.
  • I really love tho hear them in "A night under the dam"
  • I'm not exactly a Green Carnation Fan - I've had LoD,DoD since late 2006 but only passively listened to it a handful of times over the years. I got A Blessing in Disguise more recently, within the past year, but never gave it a chance because the opening always turned me off. Recently, however, I've decided to sit through that and hear the rest of the album out of lack of anything better to do and I have to say I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I'm looking forward to hearing their other albums and giving LoD,DoD a proper few listens.
  • Эх, забабахили бы они второй "Light of day, day of darkness"...
  • Hey a question for you all... Do you think the album is actually called "The Acoustic Verses" or just "Acoustic Verses" ??? The Album cover says "Acoustic Verses" but the CD itself says "The Acoustic Verses" as does Thoughts?
  • Really awesome band but for some reason I don't listen to them much anymore.. Well I think it's time for that to change!
  • Light of Day, Day of Darkness: One Album - One Song - One Fuhrer


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