• Great Lake Swimmers @ Les Nuits Botanique (English)

    18 May 2009, 16:03 de PhilBe

    Sat 16 May – Les Nuits Botanique 2009

    A fine evening it was but boy was I tired Sunday! This was the last evening of "Les Nuits de Botanique" an annual fortnightly showcase festival which takes place at the Botanique and it's larger venue the Cirque Royal. In fact the place was heaving with folk with concerts taking place simultaneously in the Rotunda, a large tent outside in the gardens, and the largest stage in the Botanique the Orangerie where tonight's Great Lake Swimmers gig was, needless to say there was a great atmosphere around the place. Bit of a shame that I got there a little late so there was no time to soak up said atmos, just grab a quick beer and head for the hall.

    First on and already into her solo set was Sharon Van Etten who despite having a local sounding surname is from New Jersey originally but now based in Brooklyn. A nice lady with a really nice voice who whilst not being the greatest guitarist had no trouble hitting the high notes while…