• KFLA Update 2/26 - Casket Salesmanm, Los Angeles Murderfest, Northern State, The…

    Fev 26 2008, 20h31 por TheKnitLA

    Sunday, March 9th
    Casket Salesmen, Totimoshi, So Many Dynamos, Auditory Aphasia
    7:00 PM, $10
    Casket Salesmen is an experimental progressive-rock band from Corona, CA and the brainchild of Nathan Lindeman and Phil Pirrone. It's sonic, driving, uplifting, and thought provoking music. Being compared to and drawing influence from Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cave In, & Queens of the Stone Age to name a few, they have created a very refreshing version of rock music. The band is constantly on tour or in the studio creating new music for Casket Salesmen or one of their many side projects, which all find a home on Pirrone's Longhair Illuminati Record label.

    Friday, April 11th
    Still Remains, Gwen Stacy, Catherine, Secret & Whisper
    7:30 PM, $12
    Still Remains are a metalcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who formed out of previous Grand Rapids-based bands Shades of Amber and Unition. They combine both heavy and melodic rock and metal in their song writing. …
  • Guitar Hero

    Mai 28 2006, 23h22 por ditman

    Gracias a mi queridísima novia, llevo una semana y pico viciando a este grandísimo juego que acaba de llegar a Europa, directamente desde América (y pasando por Oceanía, África, Asia y la Antártida primero, porque anda que no tardaron en traerlo): GUITAR HERO.

    El juego es un "simulador de guitarrista" que te pone un control con forma de guitarra y te enfrenta a canciones de dificultad creciente mientras tu personaje va dando conciertos en lugares mejores. Desde el sótano de unos colegas a un macrofestival en un estadio de futbol.

    Pero quitando lo innovador del mando (que no lo es tanto, ya que ahí está el Guitar Freaks de Konami), lo importantísimo de este juego es la selección de canciones.

    Alejado de la onda Bemani de incluir canciones propias para el juego, o versiones irreconocibles, en Guitar Hero optan por hacer 'covers' (algunas mejores que otras) de temas que estaréis de acuerdo conmigo en que figuran entre los grandes del rock mundial.

  • Joining a worthy cause: "Get Your Damn Tags Right"

    Fev 12 2006, 23h26 por bigpixels

    At first, when I joined last.fm, I kinda stayed away from groups cause there was no point in joining a cause that I didn't know much about.. I know that I love Katamari. But as the usage grows it's fun to look for little self-affixed scout badges called Groups. When you get down to brass tacks and start tagging stuff semi-seriously, it's good to find people, or people with self-affixed scout badges, to join hands with.

    Ok. Since I finally found a Guitar Hero game for the PS2, I started applying the tag to all the songs of this game. Now, I didn't have much frustration towards tags since there doesn't seem to be much of a rash of badly tagged Electro music on last.fm. But when it comes to the popular stuff, it's sick, REALLY sick to see that there's an ARTIST called Smoke On The Water. You can get a much better picture of the frequency of music piracy when you look at tracks from the angle of real popular stuff. I thought the name "Get Your Damn Tags Right" was a bit harsh, but now it really isnt.