• The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    28 Nov 2010, 22:50 by Matt_Inman

    Mon 22 Nov – Misery Index, Arsis, Grave, The Rotted, The Last Felony

    The Rotted opened up this night of death metal madness in front of an audience of around 10 people. Although they seemed not to take themselves overly seriously, they certainly enjoyed themselves as much as they could and tried to prove themselves to the crowd. 5/10

    The next band to take the stage were the Canadian outfit The Last Felony. They too had not managed to attract a very large crowd. While this band certainly got into their music, the bass player was almost out of control on the stage, and in the end seemed a bit embarassing. Also, the music was not suited to a gig being headlined by Grave, and seemed to have more in common with the modern deathcore scene. 3/10

    For me, and most metal puritans, Arsis' performance would be where the night really got under way. Arsis generated a much larger crowd, and burst into their melodic yet technical assault. A variety of songs were played from their career which spans 4 albums…