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  • what Dead album should someone start out with?
  • llmao i just discovered these guys and im high as hell!! I love these guys!!!!!!
  • 1972-08.27 Old Renaissance Faire Grounds, Veneta, OR. The Dark Star > El Paso will change the way you look at the world. Only 37:39 of your time, but the after effect will last forever! I miss Jerry...
  • greatful band ever
  • I miss going to Dead shows. There has never been anything like it since. Never will be. Yeah, some times the music/vocals were off but when it all worked, it was a wondrous thing. There was an ugly side to it.. a fair number of wasted lives, I've seen with my own eyes but most of my memories of my 25+ Grateful Dead shows are good ones.
  • I don't claim to be any kind of authority on The Grateful Dead, just a youngun who's bought American Beauty and Workingman's Dead because that's what the cd shop had. I have also 'acquired' a very small smattering of songs from other studio albums and a couple of live songs. Anyway, the band seems really interesting - can somebody point me in the right direction?
  • You have to have been at one of those live magic moments with the Dead where everyone, stoned or not, was in sync! They may not have been creating music for everybody but ...those moments!!!
  • I can only wish i was born in the right era to spend my days as a deadhead. The dead alone are worth one life span. I read some comments bellow and i'd like to leave you with some wise words. Music's for grooving man and you aint' gotta take nobodies shit to like music Janis Joplin
  • I never, ever claimed to be a king dead fan, and i barely listen to them when sitting at my computer.. my jamband tastes have evolved, and no incarnation of the dead has put on anything beyond a decent cover-band type show ( that i've been to or heard) in a few years, but I have toured with the dead, and spent much of my youth exploring thier output.
  • I'm glad they finally changed the picture for the dead
  • the top tracks on here being embarrasing [sic] unrepresentative of the dead's actual output.. well, duh, of course their popper, more accessible tracks are going to be listened to more than, I don't know, What's Become of the Baby or some their half-hour jams..
  • Wait, a 22 year old who has scrobbled only 70 Grateful Dead songs claims to be the king fan and the rest of us are just ignorant buffoons? That's laughable, dude.. you're making a fool out of yourself. tsunamismile hasn't made any friends yet. No surprises there...
  • Drugs make the dead better holy shit, i bet you've read fear and loathing in las vegas, and any dead show you went to virtually wore a homemade sweater your mom made that said CUSTY on it. When you write things like that you become another pigeonholed commodity within whatever system you are attempting to speak to or break from, and in essence that is the opposite of what the grateful dead was
  • I'm not saying I differ necessarily, just that in addition to the top tracks on here being embarrasing unrepresentative of the dead's actual output that imho deserves more scrobbles, some of the comments are just so pathetic, and only make real dead fans sick to their stomach..
  • Gotta love the Dead...
  • Lawl, teenagers on the internet make tsunamismile insecure about his musical taste. I wish I were as cool as him! :( I'm glad they changed the picture to an actual band shot rather than the logo. Thanks to whoever did that!
  • you are all the reason it is astoundingly embarassing to be a dead fan nowadays. you have all made the most cliched i sound so cool saying this comments, yet cannot even begin to grasp at what the concept of cool is, let alone the beauty and greatness that was the dead.
  • I'm only 15, but I still went to at least 10 Grateful Dead concerts before Jerry died. And I can even remember some of them, which is bloody well amazing. And yes, I can say, that without a doubt, their live shit is better. Just amazing, teh entire vibe and energy in it. I absolutely love it.
  • straight up dank.
  • Well no, obviously not many here (if anyone at all) were fans back in their hayday... but that's due to certain age restrictions. And I'm pretty sure the Dead fans on here are not all just obsessed with Casey Jones, seeing as it's all the way at number 4. But yeah, their live stuff is a whole lot of fun. You could get lost in it for days.
  • and i know that no one here was a fan back in the day and is just obsessed with casey jones. try and find their live stuff its amazing
  • What's with the picture of NOT the band? It's a cool symbol and all, but that ain't the Grateful Dead in the picture..
  • fucking awesome
  • hey, i've never done any drugs & i LOVE the dead =)
  • @ thechickennuggt: Though you don't need drugs to make the Grateful Dead a great band, they do make it much easier to appreciate the Dead.
  • Still though, I would imagine something like Truckin' or Casey Jones woul dhave the number one spot.
  • friend of the devil is a good song and it only reflects what people here listen to. keep in mind, death cab for cutie is supposedly good music on ths website as well....
  • Even more accurately it is the kind of music you have to listen to a whole show to get it. Another thing, a little strange how Friend of the Devil is number one? I had no idea that was their most popular song.
  • So I finally know what kind of music they do. I don't see what the big deal is, though. Perhaps it's the kind of music where I have to listen to the whole song to get it? Hmm.
  • they sound badarse (psychadelia and jams, sound likes Hendrix, my favourite artist). Can someone post their best songs in my shoutbox?
  • This is great music!
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  • Real Classic Rock
  • amazing


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