Miner At The Dial-A-View (5:21)


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  • Syyborg

    My home, my friends, and you. I watch them fade..

    9 Dec 2012 Reply

    good luck!

    3 Nov 2012 Reply

    I'm totally hypnotized by this song......

    4 Oct 2012 Reply
  • onnozen

    The melody on this song is superbly sublime. I am seriously digging this song. Sitting at the office late at night with this cranked up.

    8 Aug 2012 Reply
  • jack_something

    Mad love for this album and this song. It is unlike anything else you can hear.

    17 Jun 2012 Reply
  • YorkNew


    13 May 2012 Reply
  • lc0jd

    Everyone should own this album! Absolutely amazing.

    22 Apr 2012 Reply
  • twirlydances

    She sounds like Scarlett Johansson!

    8 Mar 2012 Reply
  • punaman420

    The greatest album never heard. This album is on par with Sgt/ Peppers, Dark Side, and it was wideley unnoticed. Just excellent from start to finish.

    7 Nov 2011 Reply
  • the_last_word

    Blauflausch... I was just thinking the same thing. It seems to perfectly predict the misery of wasting time on Google Maps.

    1 Dec 2010 Reply
  • Blauflausch

    So bittersweet and lovely... but strange how they thought about something, that is today known as "Google Maps"

    11 Nov 2010 Reply
  • cezar_Alejandro

    Another highly underrated band.

    19 Sep 2010 Reply
  • SolitariaVerde

    Kinda calm and nice

    18 Sep 2010 Reply
  • SirLoinIV

    Not a big fan...at all, but this is a GREAT song

    12 Aug 2010 Reply
  • Haradadan

    I really like the "aaaahh"... Never heard the tune until just now... enjoying the $*@# out of it!

    28 May 2010 Reply
  • dignan40

    Anyone know what that dialogue is from? I kinda like her voice. Its Sexxay!

    5 May 2010 Reply
  • qeek

    Nice song. But why the "aaaahh"?

    10 Mar 2010 Reply
  • nicolecutiee

    +Fantastic +

    7 Mar 2010 Reply
  • rikj99

    Excellent tune

    27 Feb 2010 Reply
  • Minusmann666

    very fine music

    24 Feb 2010 Reply
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