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  • Avatar for Bren_den
    He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot is featured in an episode of "Flaked" on Netlfix :3
  • Avatar for minkakova
    come on with the new album already im about to have a stroke
  • Avatar for LittleLake37
    I don't know how much longer I can wait for the new album!
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    Summer Here Kids!
  • Avatar for Bren_den
    Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)
  • Avatar for rob-mcfc
    Looking forward to the new album obv but Fambly Cat was the perfect swansong.
  • Avatar for reload
    Sumday is incredible.
  • Avatar for RKYU
    New record on the way <3!
  • Avatar for lebital
    The first time I stopped by here, the band had a shameful number of listeners (5K, or so…). Glad to see this situation has radically changed. This band deserves more & more attention.
  • Avatar for willett25
    "Chartsengrafs" kicks this playlist into high gear, followed by tracks from The Wrens, Slowdive, and Sun Kil Moon. Check out the jams here!-
  • Avatar for CaramelespreSSo
  • Avatar for Shannonline
  • Avatar for minkasocial
    please tour
  • Avatar for TheAlexH
    The last I remember Jason Lytle said he'd like to make a new Grandaddy album but he wasn't sure about touring. In the meantime I'd think a lot of Grandaddy fans will like [artist]Cold Crows Dead[/artist] - they've recently released one of my albums of 2013 and at least one of the songs does sound very Grandaddy-ish.
  • Avatar for minkasocial
    whats this band up to, i know theyre back together but that's all i've heard. would love to see them in concert again
  • Avatar for radiohoofdnz
    Come to Holland.
  • Avatar for german788
    Grandaddy reformation. Jesus Christ...
  • Avatar for blowupbulwell
    Great band this
  • Avatar for Skygazer1
    Tour already again, dammit!
  • Avatar for Andrey0992
    A.M. 180
  • Avatar for TaylorRoxs3
    i'm on grandaddy listen to that granddaddy
  • Avatar for IndieFolkRadio
    Indie / Folk Radio - Bringing you a continuous mix of the nicest indie and folk tunes -
  • Avatar for GreenKamo
    I'm rediscovering how amazing every single Grandaddy release is. Even Fambly Cat is incredible, I don't care
  • Avatar for mazahaka_a
    positive band)
  • Avatar for RIPELIVEJAM
    this band is basically the embodiment of silicon valley?
  • Avatar for Under_Radar_Mag
    Our take on Jason Lytle's new album:
  • Avatar for treejay9
    check out jason lytle's new song:
  • Avatar for andy-urqu
    I saw these dudes at Glasgow ABC a couple of weeks back - does anyone remember the song that was put up on the projector before Grandaddy came on? I really liked the sound of it, but had no idea who it was. It sounded like halfway between the Flaming Lips and OK Go (or maybe more like White Rabbits - quite percussion-y), except with a younger, blonde, clean shave singer dude, and the video had a blue screen in it, with colourful concentric circles behind the band performing? It was two songs before that Arcade Fire one, if that helps. Help me out internet, I'd be grateful, and you'd get music points for it.
  • Avatar for puismourir
    Saw them live last night. Wow.
  • Avatar for thunder2221
    YEAH BOIS! (Flavor Flav impression) Tonight's the night!
  • Avatar for boppawombat
    yayyyyyyyy the Grandaddys are back playing live again....... rejoice!!! :)
  • Avatar for Shannonline
    oh wow grandaddy are active again! ^__^
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    Cali residents are lucky. I'm on the complete opposite side of the States. Hopefully they tour US after they release an album.
  • Avatar for thomuk2006
    selling two adult end of the road festival tickets... pm me....
  • Avatar for cheokech
    only idiots compare this band with radiohead , obviusly Radiohead is very superior band ; people should compare with the flaming lips .. still grandaddy is a good band
  • Avatar for Petahhhh <- Follow them on Twitter if you aren't already! They will be dropping "good info" on there!
  • Avatar for Damiantoni
    This band is amazing. I should've discovered them before.
  • Avatar for mmousy
  • Avatar for BlackCoffeeDuck
    One of Jason's songs is covered on [artist]Nick Cave[/artist] new soundtrack project to go with John Hillcoat's new film called Lawless. Have a look at all the details here
  • Avatar for bingj014
    Cover song 'Junkpile' on Spotify!
  • Avatar for Pinkerton- anyone?
  • Avatar for aginggirl
    better one
  • Avatar for forablueguitar
    really glad i bought tickets.
  • Avatar for Boshwadam
    Levitz = best Grandaddy song ever.
  • Avatar for krystalvon
    i shat my pants when i found out they got back together. oh my god
  • Avatar for soad9000
    celebrating Grandaddy becoming my number one played artist ever, never loved any band so hard
  • Avatar for PrimusRik
    i need more tourdates!!
  • Avatar for YorkNew
  • Avatar for bingj014
    Amazing news! OMG....
  • Avatar for whuts
    Oh happy days....


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