• Brian Byrne - Tuesday, Thursaday If It Rains

    22 Mar 2006, 04:07 by theorangemonkey

    Okay, so technically this album isn't up yet, but Mr. Byrne has been gracious enough to put mp3s of most of his debut album, Tuesday, Thursday If It Rains on his website, which means that I get to do an advance little "review".

    Of late, there has been a bit of a spate of solo releases by former lead vocalists of popular nineties Canadian artists. This is a trend that was arguably started by David Usher, and has been furthered by singers such as Edwin, Todd Kerns, Gordie Johnson (with Grady) and Ian Thornley. Continuing with the trend is Brian Byrne, a man probably best known as being "the second lead singer for I Mother Earth".

    Unlike many of those other singers, however, Byrne seems to be dedicated to producing an album that is decidedly different from the music he made with his previous band. The songs are significantly slower than his IME work (with the exception of the Byrne-penned "When Did You Get Back From Mars"), and focus very heavily on the use of the acoustic guitar. …