• Bands i've seen live!

    2 Jan 2007, 21:59 by bloody_eye

    Accu§er (Thrash Assault 3 10/08)
    Agrypnie (Flammentriebe Tour 2011 Backstage München)
    Ahab (Summer Breeze 2008, Hammer Of Doom 3)
    Ahkmed (Grand Blitz III)
    Alcest (Kings Of Black Metal 2011)
    Alice Cooper (RaH 2006)
    Amon Amarth (Summer Breeze 2005, Summer Breeze 2007)
    Anaal Nathrakh (Summer Breeze 2009)
    Angel Witch (Metal Assault)
    Arch Enemy (Earthshakerfest 2006, Summer Breeze 2008)
    Asphyx(Special Doom Show) (Hammer Of Doom 3)
    Asphyx (Summer Breeze 2010)
    Axxis (Mönchsdeggingen 2007)
    Bastards (Aalen-Ebnat 05/2007) (Metallica Cover Band)
    Belphegor (Kantine Augsburg 12/2010)
    Bludgeoned (JuZe Don 02/2006 + 03/08)
    Bonded By Blood (Thrash Assault 3 Warm-Up 10/08)
    Brainstorm (RaH 2006)
    Bloodflowerz (RaH 2006)
    Cannibal Corpse (Summer Breeze 2010)
    Cataract (Summer Breeze 2009)
    Children Of The Damned (Aalen-Ebnat 05/2006) (Iron Maiden Cover Band)
    Colour Haze (Grand Blitz II, Grand Blitz III)
    Colourful Leaves (Rockmusik Hamlar 12/2006)
  • Mundartrock

    27 Aug 2005, 09:16 by tobias_3569

    I am not sure why I write this entry in English - first I thought I should use German, but then it came to my mind that even for many native German speakers, most of the bands I will mention are hard to understand. So I will use a language that all of these people can use as a means of understanding if everything else fails.

    Mundartrock means rock music performed in German dialects, which includes dialects spoken in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The people of the latter actually consider their dialect a separate language, and according to the rule of a competent friend ("The difference between a language and a dialect is that a language has an army and a navy") and also to the percentage of text I can understand, they are probably right.

    So let's start with the Swiss: Being just 7.5 million people (80% of whom speak "German"), they have a big number of artist performing in their dialects. A good friend from Liechtenstein has directed my attention to the Swiss music (thank you…