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  • Avatar for lo1what
    here's Broken Bones for anyone who's interested
  • Avatar for the_strand
    Broken Bones is so good... why is it not on here? The versions of Mercy and Heaven on there are beasts. I was lucky enough to see EMA perform Heaven in Toronto earlier this year, what a song.
  • Avatar for petitepatte
    red state is brilliant.
  • Avatar for pynchonary
    Some unreleased stuff: Erika kinda re-used some for her solo track Take One Two. I think it's pretty great in the original form, Beatles reference and all
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    I don't listen to Red State too often, but I think it's one of the most important records I've heard.
  • Avatar for applepoison
    We are a folk-duo called The Hogweed And The Aderyn and a Boutique Press called Wounded Wolf. You can listen the preview from here:
  • Avatar for ranmakawakita
    hmm, i thought i'd like it some songs from red state are good..but all in all the music is kind of wanky
  • Avatar for fuckastwee
    red state is a modern masterpiece
  • Avatar for obsessed_nl
    Very underrated band and record. I like EMA, but I prefer Gowns. There really isn't anything like them. Cherylee is the sound of beauty and quietude being born out of noise and cacophony.
  • Avatar for ranmakawakita
    whar can i download the music?
  • Avatar for IzzyPod
    Ezra's doing a ton of solo improvised noise/viola performances around the LA area. Sometimes a few other people play with him. Also, there was a Mae Shi reunion of the original lineup, which included him, and there is going to be another one in May
  • Avatar for lou_fm
    Ezra doesn't deserve any shit from anyone. I once sent that dude an email asking for tips on how to create some cool, atmospheric sounds of my own, and he sent me back an essay-length email in response full of advice. I shit you not. The guy is fucking aces.
  • Avatar for Pogofied
    I am not a fan of EMA tbh; I wish they had at least /one/ more full length. *le sigh*
  • Avatar for MAARTENish
    omg omg omg omg. so good, hey
  • Avatar for nurannisa
    im loving it :)
  • Avatar for MusicxxAddicted
    just heard EMA and Cherylee from this band, I'm loving it :)
  • Avatar for Esoteric214
    this band is fucking great
  • Avatar for Degarmo
  • Avatar for Bobak
    ezra's sucking a fat one
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark
    Erika's new stuff rules so hard. Any word on what Ezra's doing?
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  • Avatar for mythofsisyphus ??????
  • Avatar for Kikilv2
    question: I recently found recordings from 2005, full length S/T album that is unmistakably Gowns but there's absolutely no information about it on the internet. Does anyone know about this?
  • Avatar for petitepatte
    that blue room in fargo, north dakota.
  • Avatar for Fifa51
    love them
  • Avatar for AFatalCure
    yr gowns
  • Avatar for whamcity
    "u don't get it"
  • Avatar for BattleforLight
    got it down pat
  • Avatar for Kingsofnothing
  • Avatar for methlabforcutie
  • Avatar for talksy
    Man, that sucks. Was lucky enough to catch them live three times in London in December 2007, including an incredible show at The Old Operating Theatre at London Bridge with Charles Hayward. A real shame they're no more.
  • Avatar for Tomorrowing
    white like heaven....
  • Avatar for lou_fm
    I listen to Red State in the dark, as I'm falling asleep. It's lovely.
  • Avatar for windowview
    I loved this band, can't believe they split.
  • Avatar for kindelanryan
    count me among those who never got around to catching em live. that's too bad. rip. looking forward to the future projects.
  • Avatar for KnResignation
    There is no justice.
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  • Avatar for punctuationsfun
    oh no
  • Avatar for Pugie
    The last song is amazing. Great way to end a great band.
  • Avatar for whamcity
  • Avatar for eighteenforever
  • Avatar for KingTreehouse
  • Avatar for jannon
    yeah sorry to hear that :(
  • Avatar for Pugie
  • Avatar for brandorkrules
    sorry to hear that ezra.
  • Avatar for gapingvagina
  • Avatar for Kikilv2
    Definitely one of my favorite bands at the moment. Has anyone bought their new vinyl-only release and given it a listen? I'm interested in knowing if it lives up to their other material.
  • Avatar for Pugie
    Marezine and Ephedrine and Benadryl, Dramamine and Ketamine and Nyquil and Dextromethorphan-Hydrobromide.
  • Avatar for hunthunthunt
    And the days... stretched out... as far as the horizon
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