• Albums I highly recommend you czech out. [Part Two]

    17 Jun 2007, 20:42 by Progfan

    Gotye - Boardface

    Gotye's sound is a melting pot of samples from sources far and wide, mixed with Wally's home recorded sounds to form original songs that are as much influenced by the '80's British electro of Depeche Mode and mock-lounge pop of Roxy Music, as the scratchy sounds of old noir soundtracks and majestic orchestras of luminaries John Barry and Henry Mancini. The cut'n'paste approach of hip-hop djs figures prominently in the arrangements, inspired especially by the musicality of San Francisco's finest sample-composers, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. The results are songs that both reference and incorporate styles and sounds of the past, while showcasing Wally's unique songwriting in a broad web of sonic environments.

    The Books - Lost and Safe

    The big surprise of the initial listen of the Books' third album, Lost and Safe, comes about forty seconds into opener "A Little Longing Goes Away" (yes, the wordplay seen on the former albums continues). …