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  • Avatar for tradatda91
    People who think he's a one hit wonder don't have a clue about the gold they're missing. Their loss.
  • Avatar for snafflebot
    Way more cool songs than just the one that went big. Check him out. [2]
  • Avatar for gosha22rus
    When he left music forever? wtf?
  • Avatar for PurplePostRock
    WTF happened to this guy? He makes good music then leaves forever... State Of the Art ♥
  • Avatar for RainbowDash97
    Hearts a Mess <3 so great
  • Avatar for YOMOTHAINLAW
  • Avatar for ChrnoTodd
    Way more cool songs than just the one that went big. Check him out. [2]
  • Avatar for soursaurus
    So rhapsodic and blissful :'3
  • Avatar for Lidiss1995
    Please, return Gotye!
  • Avatar for d_evert
    Way more cool songs than just the one that went big. Check him out.
  • Avatar for arcanjoBEP
    bronte e giving me a chance <3
  • Avatar for Brombit
    He's actually good, once you get out of "somebody that I used..." :)
  • Avatar for NHolgersson
    one hit wonder [2]
  • Avatar for kordian0001
    ktoś , gdzieś, kiedyś
  • Avatar for RockerChick20
    @HaHaHaYoureDead Згоден!
  • Avatar for ixab_
    Somebody that I used to listen [2]
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    его главный хит 2012 года был наименее противным хитом номер один, это успех.
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    * ruined your own joke. =[
  • Avatar for bypriscila
    Somebody that I used to listen
  • Avatar for emptysustenance
    @ADD_SUV for you and 4/5th of everyone else maybe.
  • Avatar for ADD_SUV
    one hit wonder какбэ
  • Avatar for Cat_007
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    один из самых обаятельных поп-хитов, который я услышал за прошлый год.
  • Avatar for Fullmettall
    Usar sample e dizer que fez,creditar o autor é extremamente artístico e aceitável.É digno. | O que ele fez foi roubar o sample,não dar o crédito e ganhar em cima disso como se fosse dele,é ilegal,e é falta de criatividade sim! Aceita que dói menos!
  • Avatar for EricValeev
    In Your Light <3
  • Avatar for TylerSymes
    Who is gotye and why is he in my library?
  • Avatar for Bourscheid
    And you still my favourite boy! <3
  • Avatar for nancyyumi
    @a_theorem if you look at my profile you'll see that I do know pearl jam and radiohead:) still radiohead and gotye are different, aren't they?
  • Avatar for landson
    Que bando de retardados!
  • Avatar for mynontrolllastf
    Last year Gotye made my Aoty.
  • Avatar for JuniorWaldorf
    Morto com as pessoas criticando quem usa sample aqui. Vão se informar, galera! Usar sample não é devido a falta de criatividade para criar uma melodia, pelo contrário, passa longe disso.
  • Avatar for JuniorWaldorf
  • Avatar for Oleg289
    this shit is still popular?
  • Avatar for a_theorem
    @Nancyyumi have you heard of Pearl Jam and Radiohead?
  • Avatar for nancyyumi
    could anyone recomend me artists like gotye? for me most of what is proposed here seems to be more the basics than gotye.
  • Avatar for pademide
  • Avatar for Fullmettall
    É aqui que tira xerox? [7] kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Avatar for iuriraredu
    Quem acha usar sample dos outros é comum, não sabe como é difícil compor uma melódia. Sem mais.
  • Avatar for portlandian1
    The Star Wars That I Used To Know is not by gotye... wtf?
  • Avatar for dash-n-blast
    E sample não é xerox purpurinado, minha gente? Xerox ~criativo~, xerox malemolente?
  • Avatar for dangerbatist
  • Avatar for anjomoreno
    Xerox? Como assim?
  • Avatar for HenriqueHooker
    Só eu que nao entendi a piada do Xerox?
  • Avatar for iuriraredu
    É aqui que tira xerox? [5] morto feat enterrado! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
  • Avatar for WallasOliveira
    I'm searching for some live stuff from him. Does it exists?
  • Avatar for jean787
    King <3
  • Avatar for WallasOliveira
    One of the most talented artists out there. And I would tell more: Of all time!
  • Avatar for heads_bullet
    lame crap uh, pop culture has no memory
  • Avatar for gagabullon
    É aqui que tira xerox? [4] eu ri kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    Hearts A Mess ♥ [3]


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