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All Alone (3:33)


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  • Roots Manuva slaughtered this track!
  • That keyboard riff and the lyrics are the best parts of the song. The rest of it is awesome, nonetheless.
  • Drum beat would be impressive if it wasn't a drum machine.
  • The bridge is so so beautiful.
  • Those guitar riffs from 2:27.....so good.
  • The always wise Manuva.
  • enjoy listening
  • some Bible reference as I found out
  • Takes me back to '05 :')
  • "We's about to take it down..." I love that line. n__n
  • Martina makes this song for me.
  • I should check out Roots Manuva.
  • Dat Bass.
  • I don't understand. I always loved Gorillaz, this was basically the first album I ever had, and I played the hell out of it when it came out in 2005. And I basically liked it all, but, this song. I always hated. I can't stand it even now. Was really not expecting to see so much praise here.
  • i've always been listening to this song but not until recently have i fallen in love with this song....
  • Everything the Gorillaz touch is gold! <3
  • high point of Demon Days
  • This song is brilliant on so many levels.
  • "Bounce-wiggle bounce-wiggle, shakin' all them bangs out / Chemical cutthroats, bound to blow the brain out!"
  • Yeah this is more dub mixed with alt-hip-hop know your genres
  • luv dis song
  • Oh snap, Martina Topley-Bird? I was just listening to her, too!
  • Awesome outro!!
  • POST DUBSTEP [2] Yeah, I think not. More Dubby I say.
  • bounce wiggle bounce wiggle shaking all them things out 8) [2]
  • bounce wiggle bounce wiggle shaking all them things out 8)
  • luv this band, always have
  • makes me what to rollerblade. wierd. wonderful.
  • Leviticaso...deuteronomai!
  • wooooo this song is fun
  • forever alone
  • Hard not to headbang
  • me gusta.
  • One of my favorites on this album for sure.
  • laviti caso. due to run my...
  • http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2893183&stc=1&d=1291091512
  • some parts in this track are terrible others fucking breathtaking. too bad.
  • @LOLsharms, Glad I could help. Bam.
  • came here just to see if anyone said something dubstep related and hey whatcha know.
  • Kind of a dubstep beat to it.
  • Damon I bow my head to you kind and noblle sir. Fucking fantastic this lot.
  • All alone, ALL ALONE
  • >=D
  • This song is such a grower [2]
  • Incredible groove, just all flows so well, incredible music and rapping.
  • This song is such a grower ;D
  • This is so fucking good
  • martina topley-bird~ :D


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