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  • Avatar for kikaaRocks
    In the beginning I tried to warn you, you play with fire it's going to burn you.
  • Avatar for Real_man
    Everyone's been hurt by someone before
  • Avatar for noeriasan
    I wasn't the only person who thought of t.A.T.u hahaha
  • Avatar for rus_nickname
    It`s such a bad song to make covers...
  • Avatar for Guiancan_pink11
    I love this song
  • Avatar for BADFalcon
    So many happy memories, god I love this song <3
  • Avatar for Meloman_san
    Точняк t.A.T.u!! :) То то мне песня сразу понравилась и показалось знакомой)
  • Avatar for PozitivnyIEnoT
    на 90процентов хуйня))))
  • Avatar for star2777
  • Avatar for littlebitch_
    fucking perfect
  • Avatar for Morlokz
    t.A.T.u. nomás jajajaa ,
  • Avatar for keykeyx100000
    This is so Tatu o.0
  • Avatar for mrsunhome
    На 90% TATU - "Нас не догонят"
  • Avatar for pedsay
    it makes me wanna listen to t.a.t.u! <3
  • Avatar for AkatsukiXHood
    awesome song
  • Avatar for CrAzYbRiT15
  • Avatar for karmelowawrozka
    i love this fcking song <3
  • Avatar for paynexkiller
    Is this a TaTu cover? ^.-
  • Avatar for poppa7
    hell yea i love this damn song!! rocking it out!! wtg good Charlotte!!!
  • Avatar for parentalhater
    oh eh oh eh oh
  • Avatar for timlasalle
    This album is a very very guilty pleasure...
  • Avatar for Konami
    Joel confirmed in an interview that they were inspired by tATu's Not gonna get us.
  • Avatar for Tetsusaiga775
    Somewhat whiny sounding to me.
  • Avatar for JeezyBaby
    not as good as the old stuff, but still *feels* good.
  • Avatar for iluvtheAAR
    you play with fire its gonna burn you :)
  • Avatar for shakeaftw
    yeah beginning sounds just like T.a.t.u lol :D
  • Avatar for KimberlyX
    t.A.T.u - Not Gonna Get us? Ah-ha-ha.... realy))) [3]
  • Avatar for Soy_Pimpollo
    not gonna get us)))
  • Avatar for vicogomes
    "It's a game and we're all just victims of love" <3
  • Avatar for saraferre616
    Esta musica é um autentico plagio das T.A.T.U
  • Avatar for finkk
    Good song but at first I thought they covered Not Gonna Get Us.
  • Avatar for BlinkSUM
    The beginning of song sounds like "Not Gonna Get Us" +) Yeah!!!!!))))
  • Avatar for Sukkasaku
    It's so t.A.T.u. but it's still a pretty great song. <3
  • Avatar for HelenaHale
    I just love this song!!
  • Avatar for manithemoneyman
    not bad
  • Avatar for rissaintheglass
    this is kinda different. i like it.
  • Avatar for Miko_RC
  • Avatar for alefone
    Hahaha 100% Not Gonna Get Us, i always thinked
  • Avatar for justrasty
    make me fun,,,
  • Avatar for mikkelz
    t.A.T.u - Not Gonna Get us?
  • Avatar for will_c
    t.A.T.u - Not Gonna Get us? Ah-ha-ha.... realy))) [2]
  • Avatar for TeZZorka
    t.A.T.u - Not Gonna Get us? Ah-ha-ha.... realy)))
  • Avatar for raimorrison
    t.A.T.u - Not Gonna Get us?
  • Avatar for saysamia
    Nice. =)
  • Avatar for piratastrega
    victims.. one of them is here!
  • Avatar for Duskull58
    good song.. and so tatu xd
  • Avatar for DarkWithin89
  • Avatar for even911
    This is their best album
  • Avatar for camila08
    Good Charlotte! The best :)
  • Avatar for Enekopunk
    la bomba!!!!!!!!!!!!


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