• "Blow Me Away"

    15 Apr 2008, 18:11 by DeclanTyson

    How am I feeling today?: March On Hmm... not really, but it's a pleasant idea.

    Will I get far in life?: Do Something A little inspecific, but apparently I will do *something*.

    How do my friends see me?: Keep Your Hands Off My Girl As a slut, apparently.

    Where will I get Married?: Here We Are Again, rather inspecific.

    What is my best friend's theme song?: Versus Terminus Well, he likes In Flames, so I guess that's appropriate.

    What is the story of my life?: The Science Of Lies Possibly true, as I think most of the world is a lie and stuff.

    What is/was highschool like?: The Recipe Erm, not relevant at all.

    How is today going to be?: I Do Not Want This Ah, finally, a perfectly apt track!

    How can I get ahead in life?: No Reason To Live Thanks, Mark. Appreciate that.

    What is the best thing about me?: Good Times Huzzah, I'm worthwile!

    What is in store for this weekend?: The Diary of Jane Uhuh.

    What song describes my parents?: Bastards of Bodom lol.

    My grandparents?: Stabbing the Drama Um, not really.
  • 30.000 mil scrobbles. \o/

    3 Aug 2007, 16:46 by liko_cg

    uhuuuul. Essas férias eu passay todos os dias eskutando msk. Num eh a toa q subiu rapido as minhas faixas executadas de umas semanas pra cá.

    Eliel - "Music is my Girlfriend"
    Larissa - "Music is my Boyfriend"

    Faixa 30.000 foi do Good Charlotte. óbvio. Jeaulosy. Mas eu queria que fosse Ghost of You que tocou depois /saaad.

    Mtv é um LISHO TOXICO!
    Good Charlotte - "Nosa, cabol comiog"

    Era pra eu tar na escola agora =X
    Tipow, ontem fui dormir 1 da manhã. jah sabendo q taria um COCÔ na escola. Dai eu botay o despertador pra tokar 1 hora depois e perder a primera aula. Era historia /bah
    E, depois do intervalo a turma foi assistir "Uma verdade inconveniente". MUITO BAUM, mas eu queria vir em casaaaa /sad
    E matay aula. =X

    Bem. Comemorando as 30,000 tracks aew. e com GC!
    Vou listar as melhores e as "meiaboca" do Good Charlotte. /bow

  • GOOD CHARLOTTE!!!!!!!!

    25 May 2007, 16:45 by victims_of_love

    aaaahhhhhhhhh it was the best night of my lifee! the best live band everrr and i loved steer clear too (pod and marco are soo hott lol) and ofcourse GC i lovee them!!!!
    seriously such a good show!!!!

    anyone else on this went to the gig?
    Good CharlotteMarch On
  • March on

    14 May 2007, 06:05 by nincq

    Through the good times
    Through the bad times
    Through the long days
    Through the hard nights
    Keep on till we see the sun <3

    Good Charlotte
    March On