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Goldfrapp is an English electronic duo, formed in 1999 in London, by Alison Goldfrapp (singer-songwriter / musician) & Will Gregory (musician / composer/ producer). Prior to the band, Alison guested as a vocalist & songwriter with: Adrian Thaws (aka Tricky), Orbital, Peter Gabriel & others.

Goldfrapp's Sept '00 début album, "Felt Mountain" (Mute), featured electronic / compositions, with sounding arrangements of strings & airy synth's, alongside Alison's sleek, soft vocals. Albums following - "Black Cherry" (Apr '03, EMI) & "Supernature" (Aug '05, EMI) - had them embracing elements of & disco, taking their sound to a wider audience. Often associated with the later end of culture, they sometimes conjure 80s new wave.

In Feb '08, Goldfrapp released a more ambient / album, "Seventh Tree" (EMI).

Mar '10 saw their latest album's release, "Head First" (EMI), marking another direction change, toward & '80s .

Promotional Soundtrack Trivia: "Strict Machine" was used in Verizon's "Chocolate" phone ad's, Nintendo's "Gameboy Advance" ad' & FX's "Nip/Tuck" TV series previews. Fly Me Away feat'd in Target's Yule '06 department store ad's. Ooh La La was used in T-Mobile's UK ad's. Beautiful feat'd in ad's the "Sex and the City" film.

Drama / Comedy Soundtrack Trivia: "Lovely Head" feat'd often in "Monkey Dust" (satirical UK animation series), "Train" was used in Showtime's "Queer as Folk" fourth season & the soundtrack. "Crystalline Green" is heard in "House" (2nd season, ep' 7). Ride a White Horse is played in "The Sopranos" (6th season, ep' 1) & performed live Showtime's "The L Word" (4th season). A&E & Happiness were used in "Hollyoaks" (UK soap opera).

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