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  • Avatar for derek_trash
    and you got that conclusion by reading 2 lines i wrote :))
  • Avatar for gandydancer
    maybe everyone is pulling your chain since you seem to have zero sense of humour.
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    <your idea of beng funny right?
  • Avatar for vsatch
    Yeah I only listen to that part. I really don't like music, but I LOVE old men talking. The rest of the song is some stupid noise. It would be 20x better if lil' jon/ying yang twins did a remix of it.
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    is that the only part of the song you've heard / you are stupid?
  • Avatar for vsatch
    They don't sleep anymore on the beach - understatement of the century
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    radiohead song? oh fuck off
  • Avatar for moreaupat
    makes me wanna go to Coney Island. too bad i'm in Paris
  • Avatar for Evanmeads
    somewhere around the time where there is 16 minutes left, it sounds like a radiohead song..But I can't put my finger on the song.
  • Avatar for AlexDoesLastFM
    wow, never heard this before. pretty amazing!
  • Avatar for Timmahlicious
    Things changed, ya see.
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    best of GYBE
  • Avatar for vsatch
    best song on lift... IMO
  • Avatar for zlato_e
    Difficult to say for the first time, interesting and a bit very sleepy too. YesYes it's comming around the -16 minute.Come back later
  • Avatar for Misantroide
    The old man at the beginning is great, you can feel the sadness all the way through the song
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    :)) i was joking, i love that song
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    this song is very very boring and repetitive
  • Avatar for prog-jester
    их лучшая вещь <3
  • Avatar for jeffwoodall
  • Avatar for AlecHawk
  • Avatar for Accotto
    Oh my god, I can't believe that this song is so fucking wonderfull...
  • Avatar for Rhetorical_Mush
    Whoever tagged this as mellow is silly
  • Avatar for Vapour_Trail
    one of the most amazing pieces of music that I've ever heard..
  • Avatar for JimCunningham
    They don't sleep anymore on the beach... Funny how you can't feel anything day by day, but start to cry while listening to this old fella.
  • Avatar for yu00
    I had never realized how amazing this song was...
  • Avatar for dogensensei
    perfectly sweet and sour
  • Avatar for jpacker
    This song is absolutely incredible. I just get so tired of hearing the old cunt in the intro. STFU already, old cunt!
  • Avatar for sugahtank
    Oh!sweet lord!i can watch the end of the world with this song!
  • Avatar for heronaut
    fein fein fein
  • Avatar for fish34
    This song makes me weep.
  • Avatar for matthewatsea
    i tripped to this song once, and in my trip i could see the death and rebirth of a planet. purely awesome to the highest degree.
  • Avatar for basch25
    The best track ever
  • Avatar for iancorky
    the second half of this is one of the greatest things ever. the way that almost hip hop beat comes in and that howling guitar swells up and up and out of control with those strings never fails to blow my mind. it's triumphant in every sense!
  • Avatar for pindaros
    the best band !!!!!
  • Avatar for TheGoldenLamb
    The closest instrument to that sound is a theremin, but it doesn't sound like one either. It's too dissonant.
  • Avatar for feyyaz
    very special
  • Avatar for Shevademente
    This is the most beautiful song that i've ever heard...It's just..i don't know..
  • Avatar for MelaNata
    oh sweet jesus
  • Avatar for AppleCider
  • Avatar for Gerard87
    This is the greatest song ever. It's like every sad thing in the world is thrown over you. But in the end, there's a spot of light, hoy, peace... Etc.. The contrast is so strong.
  • Avatar for TheHillster
    My favorite...amazing...I fall asleep to this song all the time...
  • Avatar for SaSqreem
    a masterpiece
  • Avatar for javsthemute
  • Avatar for tothebarricades
    Who knew you could do so much with an electric guitar.
  • Avatar for GreyDadel
    their very best composition, without a doubt!
  • Avatar for _dharana
    skies dying when youre listening this song
  • Avatar for LittleMo8MalaMo
    are they using theremin in it?
  • Avatar for DrBetamax
    No place in the world like it... It was so fabulous!
  • Avatar for PAN1982
  • Avatar for stampit
    Cinematic movie...


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