• They still make those music quizes!

    13 Oct 2007, 18:02 by rever

    Well, great! I've always liked them =D. I've got soo much more music on my hdd since the last time i did one of those. I hope reading it we'll be as much fun for you as doing it is for me =D.

    Open up your music player of choice and enable shuffling. Answer the questions with the songs that come up.

    01. Why did you decide to take this quiz?
    Track: Metal Militia
    Artist: Metallica
    Comments: My friends made me do it? Nope, i just like it =P.

    02. Where will you meet your husband/wife?
    Track: Call of the Zombie
    Artist: Rob Zombie
    Comments: No undead wife, kk, thx?

    03. Where will you "hug" your wife/husband for the first time?
    Track: Down in the Park
    Artist: Marilyn Manson
    Comments: Pretty logical, indeed, no need for more comments.

    04. What is your secret dream?
    Track: Burn
    Artist: Mushroomhead
    Comments: My secret dream is where I burn Nibbelheim! Yup, me Sephiroth xD.

    05. What song will they be playing at the morgue when they'll perform your autopsy?
  • oh, the non-life I have makes me do these shuffle memes

    4 Oct 2006, 23:04 by sunkeneyedgirl

  • Random Music Test, again

    1 May 2006, 17:53 by rever

    Yup, got my hands on another set of questions and made some up =). Here we go.

    Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

    1.Story of my life?
    Title: Voices
    Artist: Disturbed
    Comment: I've stared hearing some strange voices calling me last week ... creepy.

    2. How is my life going?
    Title: Blind
    Artist: Korn
    Comment: True, I don't know where's my life's heading.

    3. What's the best thing about me?
    Title: Forgive Me
    Artist: Godsmack
    Comment: Hmm, does it mean that I forgive easly? (don't think so ...) Or that I am easly forgiven =)?

    4. How can I get ahead in life?
    Title: Don't Get Close
    Artist: Slipknot
    Comment: Ahhh, whatever. Going to ignore this one =P - I want to get close =).

    5. What's highschool like?
    Title: Passive Aggressive
    Artist: Placebo
    Comment: Don't know what does this one mean =P.

    6. What's in store for this weekend?
    Title: Transmission